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Mid-september heat wave across southern and central Europe continues!

Severe Weather Europe - 13. September 2018 - 10:51

Unseasonally hot weather continues across much of southern and central Europe. Yesterday, temperatures reached into upper 20s to low 30s (!!) as far north as eastern Germany and central Poland! We take a closer look. The weather pattern for unseasonally warm weather across large parts of Europe continued yesterday. Temperatures in large parts of Europe were 4-8 °C warmer than average for mid-September! Also the Mediterranean sea continues much warmer than average. Central Europe was hot: temperatures pushed up to 30 °C in eastern Germany and up to 32 °C in southwestern Germany! Central Poland reached 30 °C, southern Poland up to 31 °C. This is extremely warm for mid-September. France pushed up to 33 °C in its central part, […]

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Florence now a CAT 3 hurricane, but still expected to make landfall as a major hurricane tomorrow

Severe Weather Europe - 13. September 2018 - 2:27

Major hurricane Florence remains a very dangerous weather system and is on track with previous forecasts. It will be devastating for the coastal North Carolina. Florence has gone through some fluctuations in intensity in the past 6 hours and has now slightly weakened, but is still a strong Category 3 storm. However, the hurricane and tropical storm wind field has expanded, so it remains a very intense and large hurricane 36 hours prior to landfall in North Carolina tomorrow. Last minutes of daylight over Florence today, and the eye is now filled with cirrus clouds while its whole structure remains quite symmetric and impressive. The hurricane could still improve its shape and strengthen back to a Category 4 storm within […]

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Even stronger CAT 5 Typhoon Mangkhut – now with 180 mph (290 km/h) sustained winds!

Severe Weather Europe - 13. September 2018 - 1:37

Super Typhoon Mangkhut maintains its status and has remained a solid Category 5 Super Typhoon through all night. It is now even stronger than during the previous satellite update – 1-minute sustained winds are now at 180 mph, which is almost 290 km/h. Gusts are up to 220 mph or 355 km/h! Central pressure is now estimated at 898 mbar. Finally, a new day is opening over the typhoon and again we face an incredible textbook structure of a powerful CAT 5 storm. Notice the completely symmetric shape and textbook stadium effect on the very intense eyewall. Latest model guidance is almost coincident to the previous two runs, so the future path leads Mangkhut into the northern outskirts of Luzon […]

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Fire weather prediction improving

ScienceDaily - 12. September 2018 - 20:27
Scientists have created a new fire-weather prediction tool that works with the same weather models that are used every day in fire weather forecasts, and thus can be applied anywhere in the world, regardless of fuel conditions or topography.
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Monster CAT 5 Super Typhoon Mangkhut to cross north Luzon on Saturday morning

Severe Weather Europe - 12. September 2018 - 20:05

The most intense tropical system of the year so far – Super Typhoon Mangkhut – maintains its Category 5 strength in western Pacific today. It is heading towards the strait of Luzon in two days. Latest model trends are suggesting Mangkhut will probably make landfall as a Category 5 typhoon on Saturday morning, devastating the northern parts of Luzon island with 250 km/h sustained winds and destructive flooding. The morning light brought some spectacular satellite imagery of typhoon Mangkhut in the visible spectrum, while the imagery in Infrared spectrum is nothing short of impressive as well. Mangkhut has such a textbook structure, perfectly symmetrical and compact shape with very cold cloud tops – all signs of a very powerful storm […]

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Hurricane Helene likely heading towards western Europe on Monday

Severe Weather Europe - 12. September 2018 - 18:27

While many are focusing on the dangerous major hurricane Florence, there is another interesting and potentially dangerous tropical system in the Atlantic. The Category 1 hurricane Helene is heading towards Europe early next week. Helene is currently still in the central Atlantic, but is moving towards the Azores. Later on, Helene will become a post-tropical storm and accelerates towards western Europe. It is possible the ex-hurricane Helene will be pushed into British isles and Ireland on Monday and bring gale force winds and torrential rainfall into the region. The latest satellite observations of Helene reveal it is still a solid Category 1 hurricane, with sustained winds of 92 mph and central pressure around 977 mbar. For now it is still […]

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In drought and heavy rains, ecosystems function like information communication networks

ScienceDaily - 12. September 2018 - 18:18
How is a telecommunications network like an ecosystem? Tree canopies and the running streams below, or coral reefs and the ocean waters that flow around them, are interconnected components of a larger whole: an ecosystem. These ecosystem parts are in communication with one another, scientists have learned, via signals transmitted among earth, air and water.
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Exceptional view of Hurricane Florence eyewall from space

Severe Weather Europe - 12. September 2018 - 17:38

Hurricane Florence is maintaining its awesome strength and remains a Category 4 hurricane. The views from the satellites are very impressive, but is there an even more impressive view? Yes, there are! The International Space Station (ISS) just passed 400 km high over the hurricane and brought some of the most spectacular imagery of tropical systems lately! Astronaut Alexander Gerst from ESA (The European Space Agency) has just shared some exceptional photographs, including close-up detailed photographs of the impressive eyewall and eye of Florence! ‏ This photo reveals a huge vertical wall of clouds (eyewall) rotating around the center of the hurricane. You can see the sea through the layer of low clouds – keep in mind this wall is […]

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An exceptional view of hurricane Florence eyewall from space

Severe Weather Europe - 12. September 2018 - 17:08

Hurricane Florence is maintaining its awesome strength and remains a Category 4 hurricane. The views from the satellites are very impressive, but is there an even more impressive view? Yes, we can! An International space station (ISS) just had a pass over the hurricane and brought some of the most spectacular imagery of tropical systems lately! An astronaut Alexander Gerst from ESA (The European Space Agency) has just shared close-up detailed photographs of an impressive eyewall and eye of Florence! ‏ This photo reveals a huge vertical wall of clouds (eyewall) rotating around the center of the hurricane. You can see the sea through the layer of low clouds – keep in mind this wall is approximately 15km high! In […]

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UPDATE: Major hurricane Florence expected to impact North Carolina tomorrow, Sept 13th

Severe Weather Europe - 12. September 2018 - 13:19

The major hurricane Florence is beginning to strengthen again this morning, after some fluctuations were observed overnight. It maintains a Category 4 strength and is expected to remain at similar strength or even slightly stronger prior to making landfall tomorrow late afternoon. Central pressure has been around 945 mbar with sustained winds of 140 mph. This morning’s water vapour satellite revealed some asymmetrical appearance of the whole system, with some dry intrusion in the SW quadrant. This could mean there is some weak shear effecting this part of Florence, but the latest trends are showing the closing of this quadrant as well. The hurricane is getting more symmetrical and should continue to maintain powerful Category 4 strength or even intensify […]

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Mid September heat wave across south-central Europe

Severe Weather Europe - 12. September 2018 - 11:11

Large parts of southern and central Europe are experiencing unseasonably warm weather, with temperatures being about 5 °C and locally up to ~7 °C warmer than average for mid-September. One could say parts of Europe are in the midst of a late heat wave. This is not unexpected, as the current weather pattern is highly favourable for very warm weather. Temperatures pushed into the upper 20s to mid 30s across the Iberian peninsula and upper 20s to lower 30s across much of France, Italy, the eastern Adriatic coast, the Pannonian basin and extreme southeastern Europe. Very warm weather for mid-September indeed! Meanwhile, the Mediterranean sea is also much warmer than average. See the maps below for peak temperatures across Europe […]

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The perfect storm – A Category 5 Super Typhoon Mangkhut in W Pacific

Severe Weather Europe - 12. September 2018 - 1:55

The exceptional Super Typhoon Mangkhut is currently raging in the western Pacific. It crossed the Mariana Islands two days ago and then rapidly strengthened until today when it reached Category 5 strength with 160 mph sustained winds and central pressure around 915 mbar. It is expected to maintain Category 5 force and gain some additional intensity through the next 48 hours. Daylight is now coming over Mangkhut and revealing the outstanding structure of the typhoon, with textbook stadium effect of the eyewall and large clear eye. A perfect example of a monster typhoon. Mangkhut will be going through extremely warm sea on its future path, so additional strengthening is quite likely despite typhoon is already a Category 5 storm. Joint […]

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Mediterranean sea much warmer than average – September 11, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 11. September 2018 - 23:36

The Mediterranean Sea is currently much warmer than average for this period. Much of the sea is still at surface temperatures from 25 °C to 30 °C, about 2.5 °C to over 4 °C warmer than long term average. The most anomalously warm parts of the Mediterranean are the extreme northern Mediterranean alog the coast of southern France and northwest Italy (Ligurian sea) which is a full 3-4 °C above average. Also very warm is the entire Adriatic sea, which is about 2.5-3.5 °C above average. Virtually all of the Mediterranean is above average. Mediterranean sea surface temperature anomaly on September 11, comparing current temperatures with 1982-2012 average. Data: CNR MED. Map by our co-admin Andrej Flis. Looking at actual […]

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'Cloud computing' takes on new meaning for scientists

ScienceDaily - 11. September 2018 - 22:18
Clouds may be wispy puffs of water vapor drifting through the sky, but they're heavy lifting computationally for scientists wanting to factor them into climate simulations. Researchers have turned to data science to achieve better cumulus calculating results.
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UPDATE: Hurricane Florence remains on track – intense landfall likely in North Carolina on Thursday

Severe Weather Europe - 11. September 2018 - 16:28

A Category 4 hurricane Florence continues on track with previous simulations, it is slightly weakened but its forecast track should bring it into North Carolina on Thursday. Latest satellite imagery revealing a cloud-filled eye with an inner eyewall collapsing and outer eyewall developing. This is a sign of the eyewall replacement cycle on going – once it is completed, the outer eyewall will dominate and bigger eye is likely to appear and hurricane will begin strengthening again. Latest NOAA Hurricane Hunters pass through the hurricane revealing very intense wind field in the SW and SE quadrants and slightly higher pressure compared to yesterday. Florence will begin deepening in few hours when an eyewall replacement cycle will be completed. Would not […]

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UPDATE: Florence is now a dangerous Category 4 hurricane

Severe Weather Europe - 11. September 2018 - 0:36

As expected in our morning update on the dangerous hurricane heading towards the Carolinas (US), Florence now continues with rapid strengthening and is now already a very dangerous Category 4 hurricane – officially with sustained winds of 138 mph and central pressure of 939 mbar. Florence is expected to remain a major hurricane for the next 3 days and chances are, it gets upgraded into a Category 5 within the next 48 hours due to very favorable conditions for further intensification. Very low shear is supporting an upper-level outflow while extremely warm sea surface temperatures give huge amount of ‘fuel’ for intense thunderstorms in the eyewall. Latest satellite imagery revealing an impressive structure of powerful eyewall with textbook stadium effect […]

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Heat wave across parts of Europe this week – Sept 10-16, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 10. September 2018 - 17:07

Very warm weather with temperatures up to and locally even well over 30 °C is expected across parts of Europe this week. We take a detailed look. In response to the favourable pattern evolving across Europe, much of the southern half of the continent will be enjoying very warm weather over much of this week. Temperatures are expected to push into upper 20s, surpassing 30 °C in many places in southern Europe, including parts of Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and parts of extreme southeastern Europe as far as western Turkey. Parts of Spain are expected to push into upper 30s, close to 40 °C in the middle of this week. Refer to maps below for […]

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Dangerous hurricane Florence heading towards the Carolinas, USA

Severe Weather Europe - 10. September 2018 - 16:21

The intensifying hurricane Florence is a Category 2 hurricane now, with sustained winds of 105 mph and central pressure of 969 mbar. Based on the latest satellite presentation, additional rapid strengthening is expected through the next 24-36 hours as near-ideal conditions are present ahead of Florence’s path – almost no wind shear and extremely warm sea surface. The hurricane’s shape is becoming symmetrical and the eyewall is becoming stronger with a distinct eye visible. We can expect Category 4 strength by tomorrow morning, Tuesday Sept 11th. This is the official NHC forecast path of hurricane Florence: it is becoming increasingly likely that landfall will occur into the Carolinas, where Florence will hit as a major hurricane of at least a […]

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Weekly pattern across Europe overview (Sept 11 – 18th)

Severe Weather Europe - 10. September 2018 - 15:39

Our continent will mostly be dominated by a strong ridge across south-central Europe this week, while deep systems with dynamic weather are expected across the northern parts of the continent. The main features of interest will be a large upper low over SE Europe and a weak upper low on the western side of the omega blocking ridge, over the Iberian peninsula. Tuesday – Sept 11th Early this week, the pattern is characterized by a strengthening upper ridge from western into central Europe and a deep trough over the N Atlantic. This will bring much warmer weather again. Two weak upper lows are the focus for convective weather: one is over the Iberian peninsula and the other one is the […]

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More severe thunderstorms with torrential rainfall in southern and eastern Spain today – September 9, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 9. September 2018 - 14:24

Another day of severe thunderstorms with torrential rainfall is expected for parts of southern, central and eastern Spain today. The Iberian peninsula is under the influence of a shallow, but persistent and virtually stationary cutoff upper low. Significant instability builds up, particularly over the sea and in the coastal area as surface easterly winds provide warm, moist air advection from the sea. Further slow-moving storms are expected to form across southern and eastern Spain, with peak threat for torrential rainfall and flash floods. Other threats include large hail, intense straight line winds and waterspouts. Overview of cloud cover and precipitation over the Iberian peninsula. Map: Wxchart.eu Instability (CAPE) over the Iberian peninsula. Map: Wxchart.eu

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