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Cold wave reveals potential benefits of urban heat islands

ScienceDaily - 23. Juuli 2018 - 21:30
Researchers have found that the urban heat island effect -- cities are hotter in the summer than their surrounding areas -- also helps keep cities warmer during extreme cold. The findings have implications for urban planners in areas such as New York City or Chicago, which experience marked seasonal temperature swings.
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Warming temperatures could increase suicide rates across the US and Mexico

ScienceDaily - 23. Juuli 2018 - 21:28
By comparing historical temperature and suicide data, researchers found a strong correlation between warm weather and increased suicides. They estimate climate change could lead to suicide rate increases across the US and Mexico.
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Big hailstorm dumps a blanket of hail up to 20 cm thick – France, July 20, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 23. Juuli 2018 - 2:44
An intense hailstorm hit Morez, Haut-Jura, France on Friday, during the expected severe thunderstorm day across the broader Alpine region, dumping a thick hail of blanket, up to 20 cm thick in some places. Snow ploughs were used to clear roads and parking lots. This was a remarkable event. While hailstone size remained moderate, the hail blanket thickness was exceptional. What is particularly noteworthy is that this was a blanket of hail, not local accumulations made by storm runoff carrying hailstones. The hail blanket was locally up to 20 cm thick!
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Scorching heat across north Europe continues – July 20, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 20. Juuli 2018 - 19:57
The heat wave across northern Europe continues: much of the region again hit the upper 20s, with some places in northern Sweden, northern Norway, northern Finland and on the Kola peninsula in Russia hit 30-31 °C. As expected temperatures again surged in the upper 20s and even low 30s across much of the region. The hottest areas today include: SE Norwy, most of Seden, northern and central Finland and the Kola peninsula in Russia. Maximum temperatures across north Europe at 13:30 UTC, July 20, 2018. Map: meteociel.fr Extensive wildfires are raging across Sweden – we will be reporting on these shortly! Stay tuned!
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Wave energy converters are not geared towards the increase in energy over the last century

ScienceDaily - 20. Juuli 2018 - 18:28
Wave energy converters are designed to generate the maximum energy possible in their location and take a typical year in the location as a reference. Researchers have been exploring how ocean energy in Ireland has evolved during the last century. The results reveal an increase of up to 40%, which directly affects the output of the converters.
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Record breaking heat across N Norway and Kola peninsula, July 19th

Severe Weather Europe - 20. Juuli 2018 - 11:49
Extreme heat brought new all-time records into N Norway and Kola peninsula, Russia yesterday. Foehn winds pushed temps into 31-33 °C. The maximum temperatures yesterday, July 19th. While western Norway was refreshed by a frontal zone from the Norwegian sea, inland Fennoscandia was experiencing scorching heat – northern parts were extremely hot at Foehn winds from the south pushed temps up to 31-34 °C before maritime airmass pushed in! The coastal station Slettnes Fyr, Norway (71.2°N lattitude) peaked at 31.4 °C! Here is a tabular overview over yesterday’s maximum temperatures across Norway, Sweden and Finland. Some of the stations broke the all-time records! According to Norwegian meteorological service a new overnight record high minimum temperature of 25.2 °C was recorded
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A significant heat wave across Fennoscandinavia continues, July 20th

Severe Weather Europe - 20. Juuli 2018 - 11:37
Morning pressure anylysis across N Europe revealing a favorable conditions for another very warm / hot day across Fennoscandinavia today. A large ridge is centered over NW Russia, advecting warm airmass from the SE towards Finland. The lowest nighttime temperatures today, again tropical night (miminum temperature above 20 °C) across parts of Finland, N Norway and Kola peninsula, Russia. Based on the various models, an expected max afternoon temperatures will again be 8-12 °C above normal, so peaking in the low 30s. The maximum temperatures yesterday, July 19th. While western Norway was refreshed by the frontal zone from the Norwegian sea, inland Fennoscandinavia was experiencing scorching heat – northern parts were peaking into 32-34 °C range! The coastal station Slettnes
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Severe weather outbreak across the Alpine region possible, July 20th

Severe Weather Europe - 20. Juuli 2018 - 10:51
A significant outbreak of severe thunderstorms is possible today over a broad zone stretching from eastern and southern France across the Alpine region, plains of north Italy into Slovenia. Today’s weather pattern across Europe reveals one large upper ridge positioned across Scandinavia and NW Russia and another one stretching from northern Africa into southern Mediterranean. A large pool of low geopotentials is gradually weakening across SE Europe. To the west, a trough is deepening across SW Europe and slowly progressing towards the Alpine region. Rather strong warm advection beneath a southwesterly jet stream is resulting in moisture recovery across the northern Mediterranean region and favors a possible outbreak of severe thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening hours. Taking a closer
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In a warming climate, Arctic geese are rushing north

ScienceDaily - 19. Juuli 2018 - 21:21
As Arctic temperatures continue to rise, migratory barnacle geese have responded by speeding up their 3,000-kilometer migration in order to reach their destination more quickly with fewer stops along the way, according to new evidence. Unfortunately, the birds' earlier arrival isn't making as much of a difference as one might expect.
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Scientists use satellites to measure vital underground water resources

ScienceDaily - 19. Juuli 2018 - 18:22
With the hope of providing water resource managers with better tools to help keep aquifers healthy, a team of scientists are using the latest space technology to look underneath Earth's surface to measure this precious natural resource.
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Sudden cold weather may increase stroke mortality

ScienceDaily - 19. Juuli 2018 - 18:22
Study conducted in Southern Hemisphere's subtropical zone detects correlation between drop in temperature and rise in deaths from stroke, especially among women and older people.
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Tropical heat in northern Europe: extreme north of Norway, Finland hits 32 °C again – July 19, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 19. Juuli 2018 - 17:35
The extreme north of Norway and Finland has hit up to 32 °C by around local noon today, July 19. Foehn effect is further warming the already extremely warm airmass there. Temperatures hit 30+ °C up to the extreme north of Norway by 11:30 UTC. Virtually all of Finland was in the upper 20s and up to 32 °C (Kevo, 70°N), Sweden was in the upper 20s and up to 30 °C in the southern part. Maximum temperatures across north Europe at 11:30 UTC, July 18, 2018. Map: meteociel.fr Meanwhile, Makkaur Lighthouse (Norway) at 70.7°N set an all time northern Norwegian record for the overnight record high minimum temperature – at 25.2 °C (last night, July 19). So it was
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Extreme north coast of Norway hits 30 °C (71.2°N) already in the morning – July 19, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 19. Juuli 2018 - 13:01
Today has started hot in the extreme north of Europe, with southerly winds producing a pronounced Foehn effect across the extreme NE Norway and N Finland. Temperatures have hit 31 °C in Kevo (Finland) and 30 °C in Slettnes Fyr (Norway) at 71.2°N. Maximum temperatures across north Europe at 8:30 UTC, July 18, 2018. Map: meteociel.fr Windacross north Europe at 8:30 UTC, July 18, 2018. Map: meteociel.fr
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Extreme heat wave causes numerous wildfires in Sweden – July 19, 2019

Severe Weather Europe - 19. Juuli 2018 - 10:51
Northern Europe has been in an extreme heat wave for weeks now. Temperatures are regularly exceeding 30 °C across large parts of the region and rainfall has been exceedingly low. The dry vegetation is providing perfect fuel for wildfires. Ongoing wildfires, July 19, 9:00 am local time. Map: sosalarm.se As of this morning 35 significant fires were being tracked in Sweden. The hot weather is expected to continue, with the possibility of even more intense heat next week. Forest fire in Jämtland, Sweden late on July 18. Photo: Fältjägarbataljon FB. Forest fire in Östersund, Sweden late on July 18. Photo: Fältjägarbataljon FB. Photo: Norrbottens regemente – I 19.
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Exceptionally hot day in northern Europe, temperatures well over 30 °C all the way to the extreme north of Norway (Arctic circle) – July 18, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 19. Juuli 2018 - 3:14
It was yet another hot day yesterday in northern Europe. Temperatures peaked well above 30 °C far inside the Arctic circle. Maximum temperatures across north Europe on July 18, 2018. Map: meteociel.fr Temperatures reached 33.0 °C as far north as 70.0°N at Alta airport, Norway. Even further north in Batsfjord, Norway at 70.4 °C temperatures reached 30 °C. Batsfjord is one of the northernmost settlements in Norway. Kevo, Finland at 69.9°N reached 33.4 °C! Top 20 temperature readings in Norway, Finland and Sweden on July 18. Map: Ogimet Even by local midnight, temperatures remained high, with Batsfjord remaining at 26 °C. Also at 26 °C was Hasvik-Sluskfjellet, Norway at 70.6°N, even slightly further north than Batsfjord. Temperatures across north Europe
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More category 5 hurricanes forecasted by scientists

ScienceDaily - 18. Juuli 2018 - 22:22
Researchers have learned from studying 2012's Hurricane Sandy, that we are more likely to see larger, more powerful hurricanes in the future.
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Huge waterspout buzzes boat in southern Italy – July 17, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 18. Juuli 2018 - 22:15
In a move which series “Storm Chasers” fans will find more reminiscent of the TIV and the Dominator, a boat made a near-intercept of a large waterspout. The massive waterspout formed off the coast of Minori, Salerno (Campania), southwestern Italy in the morning of July 17. The waterspout grazed a boat, passing it within meters. We would definitely love to see the footage from the boat! Definitely a view worthy of “Storm Chasers”! Below is another view, from a somewhat larger distance – certainly a beautiful waterspout!
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Lots of lightning activity through the first half of this week

Severe Weather Europe - 18. Juuli 2018 - 16:25
Weather pattern across Europe has been supporting quite a dynamic period this week. A strong ridge across NNE Europe was holding stable conditions there, while one large upper low over E Europe and deep trough from SW Europe across N-CNTRL Mediterranean brought a lot of severe weather. Indeed also a lot of lightning activity. This 48-hour map reveals where the prime conditions for storms were – more than 512.000 lightning strikes were detected! The most robust storms were across the north-central Mediterranean as a cold front was pushed through the region, resulting in wideapread severe weather with damaging supercells and large storms clusters. Many regions in S France, N Italy and along the Adriatic sea were reporting severe weather, including
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Europe’s pattern overview for the next 7 days (July 18-25)

Severe Weather Europe - 18. Juuli 2018 - 16:04
Here is a followup on the pattern evolution this week. A strong upper ridge remains in place across N-NE Europe and NW Russia, resulting in abnormally high temperatures over the region. Locally up to +34 °C daytime peak temperatures are observed – many stations have broken all time record values! A subtropical ridge remains in place also across N Africa and S Mediterranean (Algeria continues experiencing daily maximum temperatures up to nearly +50 °C). A large upper low with lots of convective activity is placed across SE Europe. A developing trough over the E Iberian peninsula can be seen as well; it is expected to deepen while it moves east across Iberia towards N Mediterranean later this week. The improved
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Yet another hot day far up in the Arctic circle – northern Finland already at 33 °C by 11:30 UTC (July 18)!

Severe Weather Europe - 18. Juuli 2018 - 15:03
In what is shaping up as another hot day, and quite possibly the hottest so far in this heat wave, northern Finland has already hit 32.7 °C (in Kevo at 70°N)! A number of other stations in northern Finland, northern Sweden and northern Norway have surpassed 30 °C already. Also note that temperatures have already reached up to 30-31 °C along the Atlantic coast of central Norway! Temperatures across north Europe at 11:30 UTC, July 18, 2018. Map: meteociel.fr We are monitoring this amazing heat wave and will be reporting on final daytime highs for today in the evening.
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