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Several station record temps across SW Spain and central Portugal, Aug 4th

Severe Weather Europe - 5. August 2018 - 0:55
As expected, the heat wave peaked yesterday, Aug 4th, as the warmest and driest airmass with favorable wind conditions were present over SW Iberian peninsula. Several stations peaked into 45-47 °C! Portugal Here are max temperatures for Aug 4th – the highest recorded temperature (per SYNOP stations) was +45.4 °C at the station Evora / C. Coord in central Portugal. Several stations (Evora, Lisbon, …) broke all time local heat records! Below are some additional information on the peak temperatures: +45.4 °C – Evora / C. Coord (Portugal) // STATION RECORD (previous was +44.5 °C on 1.8.2003) +44.9 °C – Beja (Portugal) +44.6 °C – Beja / B. Aerea (Portugal) +44.2 °C – Montijo (Portugal) +44.0 °C – Lisboa /
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Up to 46 ° C across SW Spain and central Portugal yesterday, Aug 3rd

Severe Weather Europe - 4. August 2018 - 19:07
As expected, the heat wave across the Iberian peninsula was even more intense yesterday, Aug 3, SW Spain peaked at +46.4 °C in El Granado station! Portugal Here are max temperatures yesterday – the highest recorded was +45.9 °C at the station Alcacel do Sal in central Portugal. Below are some additional information of the peak temperatures in the table: +45.9 °C – Alcacel do Sal, Portugal +45.5 °C – Reguzengos, Portugal +44.8 °C – Alvalade, Portugal +44.7 °C – Alvega, Portugal +44.6 °C – Pegoes, Portugal +44.6 °C – Portel, Portugal +44.6 °C – Setubal, Portugal +44.3 °C – Viana do Alentejo +44.2 °C – Castro Verde, N.Corvo, Portugal +44.1 °C – Coruche, Portugal +44.1 °C – Zebreira, Portugal
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Intense flash floods hit various parts of Europe this week

Severe Weather Europe - 4. August 2018 - 17:59
The jetstream has been fragmented and weak across Europe over the past week or so, lowering the chances of organized thunderstorms. On the other hand, such environments favour slowly moving storm clusters and virtually stationary pulse thunderstorms. Such thunderstorms can produce short and intense rainfall or even prolonged intense rainfall, in case of a slow moving cluster. Flash flooding is a major threat with these thunderstorms. Over the past week, several places in Europe experienced intense flash floods as results of short, but intense rainfall. Arlberg, Tyrol, west Austria Intense flash floods hit Schann, Arlberg, Tyrol in west Austria. Val Ferret, southwest Switzerland Destructive flash flood torrent in Val Ferret, southwest Switzerland on August 1. Žagubici, Serbia Reports indicate well
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Hottest day of heat wave ahead: temperatures expected to soar to 47-48 °C in parts of Spain and Portugal – August 4, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 4. August 2018 - 10:51
Today will be the hottest day of the ongoing heat wave in southwestern Spain and south-central Portugal. Models indicate extremely high peak temperatures, likely close or perhaps even above the current European record. Models agree on peak temperatures reaching 47-48 °C. The hottest areas will be: the entire southern and central Portugal and parts of Andalusia and Extremadura in Spain. Peak temperatures of 47 °C are indicated by ARPEGE model, 48 °C by GFS, while AROME indicates up to 49 °C. In the latter two cases, the European all time maximum temperature record would be broken. It currently seems likely temperatures will peak close to record levels, however, it will take very favourable conditions to surpass the record. All maps:
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Max temperatures ever recorded in Portugal

Severe Weather Europe - 3. August 2018 - 16:36
With all the discussions around an extreme heat across Iberian peninsula this week, we take a look at the records of the highest temperatures in Europe. Reaching such high temperatures is a very fine balancing act between numerous factors and there is only a very small window for error if record values are to be reached or not. Max afternoon temperature usually depends on a number factors. They must perfectly align together: apparent temperature in the lowest levels (boundary layer), its relative humidity which is often related to soil moisture and vegetation (evapotranspiration during the day) and winds. Light winds, which can produce Foehn effect can locally enhance temperatures significantly (for example, remember the hot weather in the Norwegian fjords
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Three very hot days ahead in Portugal and Spain, Saturday may break European all time record

Severe Weather Europe - 3. August 2018 - 15:10
Parts of Spain and Portugal are gripped in an intense heat wave. Peak temperatures reached nearly 46 °C yesterday. Let us take a look at the expected peak temperatures today and during the weekend. Friday, August 3 In general models agree that today will be warmer than yesterday, by about 1 °C. Expect daytime highs up to 45-46 °C today. Saturday, August 4 Saturday will be the hottest day of this heat wave. Temperatures are expected to peak at 46-47 °C, possibly pushing to 48 °C. If favourable conditions are present, with a good overlap of subsidence and Foehn effect, it is possible a new European temperature record will be reached. Sunday, August 5 On Sunday the heat will abate
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Temperatures peak at almost +46 °C in Portugal yesterday, Aug 2nd

Severe Weather Europe - 3. August 2018 - 13:32
As expected, the heat wave across the Iberian peninsula intensified yesterday, Aug 2, and peaked at almost +46 °C in central Portugal. Portugal Here are max temperatures yesterday – the highest recorded was +45.7 °C at the station Mora in central Portugal. Below are some additional information of the peak temperatures in the table: +45.7 °C – Mora, Portugal +45.2 °C – Alvega, Portugal +44.9 °C – Coruche, Portugal +44.7 °C – Amareleja, Portugal +44.5 °C – Reguzengos, Portugal +44.4 °C – Tomar, Portugal +44.2 °C – Arcacel do Sal, Portugal +44.1 °C – Santarem, Portugal +44.0 °C – Pegoes, Portugal +43.9 °C – Avis, Portugal +43.8 °C – Anadia, Portugal +43.3 °C – Rio Maior, Portugal Portugal SYNOP/METAR stations
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Radar better than weather balloon for measuring boundary layer

ScienceDaily - 2. August 2018 - 21:18
Improving forecasting for a host of severe weather events may be possible thanks to a more comprehensive method for measuring the Earth's boundary layer depth.
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Death toll from Hurricane Maria estimated to be larger than previously thought

ScienceDaily - 2. August 2018 - 21:16
The number of people who died as a result of Hurricane Maria -- which hit Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, 2017 -- may be as high as 1,139, surpassing the official death count of 64, according to researchers.
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Up to +43 °C in SW Spain and Portugal this afternoon, August 2nd

Severe Weather Europe - 2. August 2018 - 18:12
Heat wave ramps up across parts of Iberian peninsula today, both SW Spain and south-central Portugal are experiencing up to +43 °C temperatures this afternoon. Portugal current temperatures Spain current temperatures – Andalusia region Spain current temperatures – Castilla-La Mancha region Spain current temperatures – Extremadura region The situation is quite on track with this morning’s model runs – Update on the ongoing heat wave. Stay tuned for further updates this evening or tomorrow morning!
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Heatwave and climate change having negative impact on our soil say experts

ScienceDaily - 2. August 2018 - 17:23
The recent heatwave and drought could be having a deeper, more negative effect on soil than we first realized say scientists. That's because organisms in soil are highly diverse and are responsible not only for producing the soil we need to grow crops, but also provide humans with many other benefits, such as cleaning water and regulating greenhouse gas emissions.
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Large amounts of Saharan dust pushed into Spain and Portugal – together with the heat wave

Severe Weather Europe - 2. August 2018 - 14:35
In addition to very warm to hot air at mid levels, southerly winds will push significant amounts of Saharan dust into the region in Spain an Portugal experiencing the intense heat wave. Southerly low to mid-level winds will push significant amounts of dust from NW Africa over the Iberian peninsula, particularly the western part. See maps of dust load by University of Athens SKIRON model for details – below: Check back for updates on this event!
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Update on the ongoing heat wave over Spain and Portugal – August 2, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 2. August 2018 - 13:23
An intense heat wave is ramping up across parts of Spain and Portugal. Temperatures already reached 43 °C and likely up to 45 °C yesterday. Expect temperatures to climb higher over the next few days. We take a look at the latest model guidance for the next 4 days. Trends are still on track for top temperatures to be reached on Saturday. Thursday, August 2 Peak temperatures will likely be reached in W-CNTRL Portugal and SW Spain. Daytime highs of 44-45 °C are expected in Andalusia and Badajoz. There is some scatter in peak temperatures: GFS appears somewhat optimistic with 45-46 °C in W Portugal, however, its track record for SW Spain suggests its forecast for 43-44 °C in the
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Heat wave across Europe – overview of Aug 1, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 2. August 2018 - 12:17
The upper ridge across the SW Europe continues strengthening and so is the intesifying heat wave across the Iberian peninsula. SW Spain peaked at almost 45 °C already yesterday, Aug 1st! It is quite hot also across other parts of Europe and especially (and still) across parts of Fennoscandia – again at almost 33 °C in the far north of Norway! Below is the review of max temperatures across various regions yesterday. Spain and Portugal: Several stations in Portugal reported daytime highs just slightly below 40 °C while some towns in SW Spain reported max afternoon temperatures up to +43 °C. An automatic weather station just east of Cordoba, Spain reported even higher values – an impressive +44.7 °C was
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Climate change-driven droughts are getting hotter, study finds

ScienceDaily - 1. August 2018 - 23:00
In a new study, researchers report that temperatures during droughts have been rising faster than in average climates in recent decades, and they point to concurrent changes in atmospheric water vapor as a driver of the surge.
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Heat wave strengthens over SW Spain today

Severe Weather Europe - 1. August 2018 - 17:44
As expected, the strengthening ridge over SW Europe is gradually increasing the intensity of the heat wave over Iberian peninsula and southern France, stations Badajoz and Cordoba, Spain are at +41 °C this afternoon. Much more intense heat is expected after tomorrow as heat wave peaks from Friday through Sunday with max afternoon temperature likely pushed well above 46 °C across SW Spain and central Portugal, see details in the morning update for the upcoming dangerous heat wave. Quick look over other parts of Europe this afternoon, more or less close to the model forecasts this morning. Lapland is yet again at +32 °C way north of the Arctic circle, southern France even up to +40 °C (!) while NE
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Arctic cyclone limits the time-scale of precise sea-ice prediction in Northern Sea Route?

ScienceDaily - 1. August 2018 - 16:37
Climate change has accelerated sea-ice retreat in the Arctic Ocean, leading to new opportunities for summer commercial maritime navigation along the Northern Sea Route. International researchers have demonstrated a new system for forecasting sea-ice thickness in early summer in the East Siberian Sea. The system was accurate up to 3 days ahead, representing high potential for use in operational maritime navigation of the Northern Sea Route.
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Follow up on the hot weather across Europe, Aug 1st 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 1. August 2018 - 13:04
Yesterday, July 31st, was quite a hot day across central, southern and southwestern Europe. Spain already pushed above 40 °C in Cordoba. While the overall pattern is gradually changing with a strengthening upper ridge across SW Europe, slightly cooler conditions are expected across the west-central Europe today. Below are details for some parts of Europe. Central Europe Northeast Germany reached up to almost 38 °C, while other parts of the country peaked into mid 30s. Slightly lower temperatures seem likely today, while extreme NE Germany will again peak around 37 °C: Southwestern Europe Southern Spain reached up to 40.5 °C yesterday. Even higher temperatures are expected today across the Iberian peninsula; SW Spain and parts of Portugal could peak into
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Locally severe thunderstorms across eastern France, northwestern Italy and southern Germany today – August 1, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 1. August 2018 - 12:40
Quite an interesting afternoon ahead for eastern France, northwest Italy and particularly south to southwestern Germany: expect widespread thunderstorm activity across the region. There is moderate to high instability available with 1000-2000 J/kg MLCAPE, locally up to 3000 J/kg. Deep layer shear is fairly marginal at 20-25 kt supporting the development of multicell clusters. Local interference of winds and relief effects can result in a supercell or two as well. Main threats with these storms will be torrential rainfall and local flooding, severe straight line winds and large hail. If a supercell develops, very large hail is not ruled out. Simulated IR brightness temperature across the region, indicating numerous thunderstorm anvils in the afternoon. AROME model guidance. Map: wxcharts.eu. Moderate
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Update on the upcoming extreme heat wave in Spain and Portugal

Severe Weather Europe - 1. August 2018 - 11:52
Pattern evolution and latest model guidance are well on track for the development of an intense heat wave in the second half of this week across Spain and Portugal. We take a look at the latest model guidance. As already evident in GFS model guidance over the past few days, the entire region will experience an intense heat wave, with temperatures pushing into mid to high-40s, quite possibly breaking all-time records. The pattern will be optimal for extreme heat, as mutliple factors combine. GFS even hints at peaks of 50-51 °C, however, this may well be the effect of the relatively low resolution of the model. Models currently agree on the hottest day being on Saturday. It will be very
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