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Big round of snow for parts of southeast Europe (Greece, Albania, FYR Macedonia, Bulgaria) later this week

Severe Weather Europe - 7. Jaanuar 2019 - 11:51

A new cutoff low pushes across central Mediterranean into southeastern Europe in the middle of this week, producing locally intense snowfall. Up to 50-80 cm of fresh snow is expected at higher elevations in Albania and northern Greece. Significant snowfall possible also in extreme eastern Greece, Montenegro and southern Bulgaria. The upcoming new Arctic blast will produce a secondary Genoa low by early on Tuesday. The system will push across the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas across southern Italy into the Ionian sea by early on Wednesday and affect southeastern Europe late on Wednesday and Thursday with intense precipitation: snow at higher elevations and rainfall in the coastal areas. Strong westerlies will advect moist airmass from the Mediterranean, producing intense stau-effect […]

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Locally intense snowfall for Attica and Evia, Greece over the next 24-36 hours – January 7, 2019

Severe Weather Europe - 7. Jaanuar 2019 - 9:05

Locally intense sea-effect snowfall from the Aegean sea is expected in parts of Attica and Evia, Greece over the next 24-36 hours. High-resolution models indicate locally up to 40-70 cm of fresh snow, perhaps even more. Snowfall totals across Greece by early afternoon tomorrow, January 8. ARPEGE model guidance. Map: Wxcharts.eu. Snow depth across central Greece by early on Tuesday, January 8. Map: Antimeteo.gr.

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Hold on, north Austria! Extremely deep snow will get even deeper this week as another 50-100 cm of snow is likely to fall

Severe Weather Europe - 6. Jaanuar 2019 - 23:25

It has been a wild past few days across the northern Alpine flank as intense snowfall has been on going in northern Austria. It is the effect of a classic Stau effect setup with strong northerlies advecting into the Alps. Locally 100-200 cm of snow has been reported. But it is far from over – excessive snowfall with locally extreme amounts of new snow is expected to continue this week, so snow depth will get much deeper! The pattern through the middle of this week reveals another Arctic outbreak will develop over Europe, being pushed further west than the previous ones which mostly effected the east and partly central Europe. A very deep upper low will move into central Europe […]

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Arctic outbreak towards the west-central and southwest Europe in the middle of the coming week, Jan 9-11th

Severe Weather Europe - 6. Jaanuar 2019 - 22:32

Finally, pattern evolution this week brings cold weather also into west-central and southwest Europe as a powerful upper ridge over the northern Atlantic intensifies and moves more into the Arctic region. This releases an Arctic outbreak across the North Sea into the western Europe on Wednesday and a day later into central and southwestern Europe (Spain). Very cold airmass also reaches the western Mediterranean and northern Africa (Algeria) on Thursday and Friday. Pattern overview with the Arctic outbreak developing early on Wednesday is showing a very deep trough / low pushed into the central and partly into the western Europe. On Thursday, a large upper low pushes further south into the north-central Mediterranean and strong cold airmass advection takes place […]

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Another cold outbreak across the Balkan peninsula and SE Mediterranean through the next 3 days – Jan 7-9th

Severe Weather Europe - 6. Jaanuar 2019 - 21:16

Winter is in full swing across parts of the Balkans as very cold airmass and locally lots of snow have resulted from the just-ending Arctic cold outbreak. Starting tonight, a new significant outbreak of very cold airmass spreads into the region and brings more snow, severe winds and very cold days through Wednesday, Jan 9th. The overall pattern indicates a persisting upper ridge over the northern Atlantic and western Europe while a large trough / upper low over the southeast Europe strengthens on Monday and results in another very cold blast into the southeastern parts of Europe. Tonight, a deep trough over the southeast Europe begins deepening and intensifies tomorrow, Monday Jan 7th. This will bring a powerful cold outbreak […]

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Significant warmth for the north Atlantic, Iceland and Greeland through mid next week

Severe Weather Europe - 4. Jaanuar 2019 - 23:42

An unseasonally warm spell is ahead for the northern Atlantic, Iceland and Greenland through the middle of next week. Temperatures will be 10 °C higher than average over a large area and up to 20 °C higher than average for this period in some places on Greenland. A strong ridge develops over the northern Atlantic region this weekend, centered over the Norwegian sea, between the British Isles, Iceland and Norway, extending all the way from the Iberian peninsula far into the Arctic region to Greenland and Svalbard island. Warm airmass builds up under the ridge and is advected northward by deep lows pushing from the broad low pressure area to the west. Expect temperatures up to 8-16 °C higher than […]

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Extreme amount of fresh snow for northern Alps (Austria) through Jan 6th – more than 100cm likely in places

Severe Weather Europe - 4. Jaanuar 2019 - 21:46

A new period of significant snowfall is developing across the northern Alpine flank as a textbook Stau event takes place this weekend. A persisting strong northerly flow will bring very intense and continuous snowfall until late Sunday, January 6th, locally resulting in more than 100-150 cm of fresh snow across the northern Austria and eastern Switzerland. The overall pattern this weekend shows a strong north Atlantic ridge and deep trough over the Balkan peninsula, creating a sharp pressure / temperature gradient in between. This will establish a strong meridional mid-level flow, allowing deep moisture advection towards the Alpine mountain range and result in the orographic snowfall and stau effect. Total 24-hour and 51-hour precipitation sums through Saturday and Sunday, both […]

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Latest model guidance for mid/late January winter weather across Europe

Severe Weather Europe - 4. Jaanuar 2019 - 20:03

While Europe is currently still under the effects of a strong north Atlantic ridge and an Arctic outbreak across the Balkan peninsula and Mediterranean, model trends indicate this pattern should persist for another week. Meanwhile, cold weather will also spread towards the Iberian peninsula and the western Mediterranean. Te upper ridge moves into the Arctic region and allows colder weather also for the western Europe which is currently under the effects of unusually warm weather (excluding lowlands trapped under a strong thermal inversion). If we take a look at stratosphere maps, a quite impressive and textbook Polar Vortex split is present this weekend. Notice the strong ridge over the Arctic region, centered over Alaska and Russia. Two well-defined vortices can […]

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Spectacular Quadrantid meteor shower peak over Europe

Severe Weather Europe - 4. Jaanuar 2019 - 9:41

The Quadrantid meteor shower peaked this morning with a spectacular celestial fireworks display! Observers under clear, dark skies reported well over 100 meteors per hour visible in the predawn sky! This year the peak timing was optimal for Europe, with peak rates expected in the predawn hours with the shower radiant high in the sky. Also, there was no moonlight interference, so observers could see the shower in dark skies. And the Quadrantids returned with a spectacular show – for those lucky enough to have clear skies the display was memorable. Marko Korošec observed the shower in western Slovenia, reporting “Really amazing Quadrantids meteor show, rates easily 150+ per hour. They were falling like crazy even now at dawn with […]

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Deep cyclone with lots of precipitation and snowfall in the mountains across Turkey through the next 3 days

Severe Weather Europe - 3. Jaanuar 2019 - 13:20

As soon as the Arctic outbreak reached the southeast Europe, it developed a secondary cyclone over Greece. This system is expected to intensify through the afternoon and track northeast across the Black Sea and towards southwest Russia and Georgia tomorrow. It will bring excessive rainfall across Turkey and indeed a lot of snow into the higher terrain there, and also across the Greater Caucasus mountain range. Comparison of the GFS, ARPEGE and ICON-EU models for the rainfall totals until Saturday night – locally 200-300 mm will be possible, especially where orographic rainfall will be the most pronounced and intense. Higher elevations will receive large amounts of snow, locally 50-100 cm cannot be ruled out through the next 3 days, especially […]

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Quadrantid meteor shower peaks tonight – weather outlook for Europe

Severe Weather Europe - 3. Jaanuar 2019 - 12:51

The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks tonight! It will likely be the best meteor shower of the year, as the other two big ones – the Perseids and Geminids – both peak in bright moonlight. We take a look at the expected weather conditions across Europe for the peak night. This year is particularly favourable for viewing the Quadrantids from Europe: there is no Moon in the sky, so no moonlight interference and the timing of the peak is perfect. So where will the weather be favourable too? The best outlook in Europe for clear skies for the Quadrantid peak this morning is across most of the Iberian peninsula, southern France, northern Italy and the northern Adriatic region. Periods of partly […]

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While Europe expecting winter return soon, an unusually warm weather spreads across the United States though the next 5 days

Severe Weather Europe - 3. Jaanuar 2019 - 1:34

Europe is currently under an effect of a new Arctic outbreak, being pushed across the eastern half of the continent. Mid-range trends suggest the effect of the Polar Vortex split will take place through mid January. Across the Atlantic, the opposite pattern evolution is developing – a significantly warmer weather than average across the United States! Lets take a look over the latest model trenss through the rest of this week into early next week. A strong ridge develops over the western Continental US and gradually moves towards east until Monday, and general southwesterly flow establishes across most of the country. This results in impresivelly warm weather with 10-15 °C warmer daily average temepratures than normally for early January. The […]

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*UPDATE* on the splitting Polar Vortex and winter trends across the European continent through mid January

Severe Weather Europe - 2. Jaanuar 2019 - 21:17

With new model outputs, we take a look over the trends on the pattern evolution, associated with the Sudden Stratospheric Warming which has been ongoing this week. The result is the Polar Vortex split where one vortex is pushed over the European continent while another one over the North American continent. Latest trends indicate a large part of Europe should begin experiencing winter weather with much colder temperatures and snowfall in mid-January. Refer to the previous post for a more general picture of pattern development before we continue into details for Europe: Sudden Stratospheric Warming underway, mid/late January could see some serious winter weather across a large part of Europe European model ECMWF forecast for the mean Zonal wind strength […]

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Over 500 tornadoes reported in Europe and the Mediterranean region in 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 2. Jaanuar 2019 - 17:43

Over 500 tornadoes have been confirmed in Europe and the Mediterranean region in 2018. By far the most tornadoes were reported along the coast of the Mediterranean. These are both non-mesocyclonic waterspouts as mesocyclonic waterspouts/tornadoes. In particular, numerous tornadoes including some signficitant events, were reported across the central Mediterranean region in late autumn (see links below). Confirmed tornado reports [QC1 and QC2 level] in 2018 in ESWD. Map is preliminary, based on ESWD output. A final analysis will likely be published by the European Severe Storms Laboratory. Data and map: European Severe Weather Database. Multiple tornadoes hit Calabria and Puglia regions in south Italy again on Sunday, Nov 25th Multiple tornadoes hit the south of Italy – November 20, 2018 […]

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Storm force Bura (Bora) winds along parts of the Croatian coast in the next 2-3 days

Severe Weather Europe - 2. Jaanuar 2019 - 17:04

Strong downslope Bura (Bora) winda are expected to develop along the eastern coast of the Adriatic sea, particularly in Kvarner region. Bora begins to develop on Wednesday afternoon, after a push of moderate Tramontana winds across NE Italy and the N Adriatic. It will rapidly intensify, reaching peak strength by late on Wednesday and sustainin the strength until early Thursday afternoon. Gusts up o 140-150 km/h are expected in the southern part of Kvarner and Dalmatia. Peak wind gusts across the Adriatic region. Map: Meteoadriatic.

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Sea-effect snowfall in central and southern Italy in the next 3-4 days

Severe Weather Europe - 2. Jaanuar 2019 - 15:59

Significant sea-effect snow is expected across parts of central and southern Italy over the next 3-4 days, as the Arctic outbreak pushes cold Bora winds over the relatively warm Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas. Sea-effect snowfall, the same phenomenon as the well-known lake-effect snowfall from the Great Lakes in the US. Essentially, as cold airmass passes across warmer waters of lakes, or in this case seas, it warms and takes on moisture. As it rises convectivelly it cools and produces snowfall on the downwind shore. It this case, cool airmass pushes across the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas, producing snowfall in central and southern Italy. Up to about 5 to 30 cm of snow is expected across the region over the next […]

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Week 51 (December 17 – 23, 2018) Contest Winners

Severe Weather Europe - 2. Jaanuar 2019 - 12:16

The WINNER among the 37 entries in Week 51: Christophe Suarez‎. 1. place – WINNER: Christophe Suarez – 325 votes “Hail shower near Chambéry. I wish you a happy holiday season.” 2. place: Marco Secci‎ – 181 votes “Sardinia – Italy, Jan 2015” 3. place: Lucijan Španić‎‎ – 180 votes “Italy 2018 — at Residence Village – Cavallino Venezia” 4. place: θοδωρης κουτσαντωνοπουλος‎‎ – 154 votes “Tornado from birds yesterday 21/12/2018 — in Pýrgos, Ilia, Greece” 5. place: Огнян Николов -139 votes “Way to the storm – Bulgaria July 2018” 6. place: Chris Belesis – 135 votes “Lightning strike over Limasol city Cyprus, on December 04 2018” 7. place: Bőke Ferenc‎‎ – 133 votes “2018.September 1 – Cegléd,Hungary” 8. place: […]

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UPDATE: latest model trends for the upcoming Arctic outbreak across the Balkan peninsula, Jan 2-5th

Severe Weather Europe - 2. Jaanuar 2019 - 0:16

A pattern change with an Arctic outbreak into the east-central Europe is about to start tonight and spread towards the Balkan peninsula and Mediterranean tomorrow. Very cold airmass will bring severe downslope Bora winds along the eastern Adriatic coast while a lot of snow is expected across the WSW and S Balkan peninsula, as far south as parts of Greece. Snow will also result from the sea-effect convective clouds when cold Bora winds will push across the warmer Adriatic sea into south-central Italy. Overview post of the developing Arctic outbreak: An Arctic outbreak into east-central Europe and Balkan peninsula through early January (Jan 2 – 6th) Here is the day-to-day overview of the cold outbreak evolution from Jan 3rd to […]

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Stau effect will dump large amounts of snow in northern Alps later this week

Severe Weather Europe - 1. Jaanuar 2019 - 21:13

The upcoming Arctic blast will bring persistent stau-effect snowfall across the northern Alps in the coming days. Large amounts of snow, locally over 50-100 cm of snow at higher elevations, bu expect snow also at low elevations. As the upcoming Arctic outbreak spreads southward and meridional flow establishes, northerly winds will produce persistent stau-effect snowfall across the northern flanks and slopes of the Alps. Snowfall will push from initially about 400-600 m elevation all the way to the lowest elevation. Expect the snowfall to persist until the end of the week. Map: Wxcharts.eu Map: Wxcharts.eu Map: Wxcharts.eu Map: Meteoexploration.com

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Intense blizzard conditions across southern Finland and severe winds with high waves across the Baltic sea – Jan 1st/2nd 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 31. Detsember 2018 - 19:54

Related to the new Arctic cold outbreak across eastern half of Europe, a dangerous setup is shaping up for parts of central Scandinavia and the Baltic region. A deep cyclone with intense blizzard conditions will develop over Finland with severe to extremely severe winds present over the region, resulting in extremely high sea waves across the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic sea. Once the system pushes towards the eastern Estonia and western Russia, significant sea-effect snowfall develops along the coastal areas of NE Poland, Kaliningrad, western Lithuania and Latvia. Details on the developing pattern and the Arctic cold outbreak: An Arctic outbreak into east-central Europe and Balkan peninsula through early January (Jan 2 – 6th) Associated with the deep […]

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