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A new super Typhoon Trami moving towards Taiwan and Japan this week

Severe Weather Europe - 7 tundi 32 minutit tagasi

A new, very intense super typhoon Trami has developed in the western Pacific this weekend. It has already reached a CAT 4 strength today. Trami packs sustained winds of 140 mph and central pressure of around 938 mbar. The future track of Trami will lead it towards Taiwan and then it will turn north towards a potentially devastating landfall in Japan. Latest infrared satellite imagery reveal an impressive structure of this super typhoon, with tiny pinhole eye surrounded by an compact intense eyewall and a textbook almost undisturbed upper level outflow. Trami will be moving into favorable sea waters for additional strengthening through the next 72 hours, so an intensification into a monster CAT 5 super typhoon is expected later […]

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Hot day in France, Spain and Portugal today – September 23, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 23. September 2018 - 22:00

Hot weather prevailed over much of southern and southeastern France today as well as across the Iberian peninsula. Temperatures reached mid-30s in France and approached 40 °C in Spain and Portugal! France pushed up to 35.3 °C in Montpellier (Fréjorgues) and near or above 30 °C across much of the south and southeast of the country. Peak temperatures in France on Sunday, September 23. Map: Meteociel.fr The vast majority of the Iberian peninsula also pushed above 30 °C – enjoying the heat wave. Southwestern Spain pushed up to 38.7 °C (stations Badajoz and Jerez De La Frontera Aeropuerto). Portugal reached 38.3 °C (Evora). A very hot day indeed! The heat wave in Spain and Portugal is expected to persist. Peak […]

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Arctic outbreak evolution across Europe this week

Severe Weather Europe - 23. September 2018 - 16:00

An Arctic outbreak is evolving across Europe today, starting to develop across the NW Europe this afternoon. An associated sharp and intense cold front will rapidly move towards east-central Europe, across Balkan Peninsula and Mediteranean through the next 3 days. Much colder weather will spread across eastern half of the continent, while west/southwest Europe remains under strong ridge and heat wave. Monday, Sept 24th, 00 UTC A deep trough will be pushed into east-central Europe tonight, with an associated surface low over south Poland. An associated coold front is expected to bring severe line of storms across parts of central Europe later this afternoon, evening and tonight. A very intense, hurricane force winds will be associated with the front crossing […]

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Hurricane force windstorm in parts of the Alps tonight and tomorrow morning, September 23-24!

Severe Weather Europe - 23. September 2018 - 15:43

The sharp and intense cold front that is crossing central Europe today will bring an intense, locally hurricane-force windstorm into northern and eastern Alps tonight and tomorrow morning. The sharp and intense cold front, which is expected to cause significant severe weather in central Europe today, will graze the northern and eastern Alps tonight. Wind gusts at higher elevations in the Alps will surpass 150-170 km/h and likely approach and locally exceed 200 km/h. In fact, latest ICON-EU model guidance indicates peak gusts of 220-240 km/h! The windstorm will persist from early evening on Sunday until mid-morning on Monday. Peak wind gusts across the Alps from Sunday evening to Monday morning, ICON-EU model guidance. Maps: Wxcharts.eu

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Severe Tramontana and Bora winds expected over the Adriatic region on Monday, September 24

Severe Weather Europe - 23. September 2018 - 14:48

The upcoming sharp cold front passage will produce severe Tramontana and Bora winds in the Adriatic region. Marginally severe Tramontana winds are expected tomorrow morning over the northern Adriatic region, followed by severe Bora winds through the rest of Monday and much of Tuesday. Tramontana is a short-lived, transient, but often intense northerly wind blasting from the Alps across the plains of northeastern Italy between Venice and Trieste, across the northern Adriatic, also affecting western Slovenia and Istra in NW Croatia. Typically Tramontana winds reach 80-100 km/h, but have reached up to 200 km/h. Bora, also known as Burja in Slovenia and Bura in Croatia, is a frequently intense downslope (catabatic) northeasterly wind, developing along the eastern coast of the […]

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Outlook day 1 (valid: 23/09/2018)

Severe Weather Europe - 23. September 2018 - 1:14

VALID FOR 23-09-2018 SYNOPSIS The pattern evolving across Europe tomorrow is characterized by a strong ridge over eastern Atlantic and SW Europe, while a deep trough is being pushed from north towards the east-central Europe. An associated cold front will rapidly push towards the Alps and N Balkan peninsula during the late afternoon and evening hours. DISCUSSION MDT/ENH risk have been issued for SE Belgium, ENE France, south-central Germany, N Austria and SSW Czech Republic with threat for severe storms capable of producing severe to extremely severe winds, tornadoes, marginal hail and torrential rainfall. A rather widespread threat for damaging winds is expected. A surface cold front will be rapidly pushed across the risk area and will be characterized with […]

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Arctic cold front will bring an intense squall line across the central Europe, Sept 23rd

Severe Weather Europe - 22. September 2018 - 23:35

An Arctic outbreak is expected to blast across large part of Europe through the next 72 hours. An associated sharp surface cold front will be rapidly pushed across central Europe and will be characterized with an intense squall-line within weakly unstable but strong forced and sheared environment. Severe damaging winds, including short-lived tornadoes, could develop along the front across eastern France, south-central France, Czech Repulbic and northern Austria. The pattern evolving across Europe tomorrow is characterized by a strong ridge over eastern Atlantic and SW Europe, while a deep trough is being pushed from north towards the east-central Europe. An associated cold front will rapidly push towards the Alps and N Balkan peninsula during the late afternoon and evening hours. […]

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Update on the developing heat wave in Spain and Portugal

Severe Weather Europe - 22. September 2018 - 8:55

The weather pattern across Europe remains very supportive for the development of a heat wave across the Iberian peninsula in the next several days. Very hot weather expected! The pattern which produces the major cold blast across large parts of Europe also produces much more stable weather over the Iberian peninsula with temperatures reaching well into the 30s and locally likely approaching 40 °C. See the latest GFS model guidance for individual days below: Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

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Record-breaking summer in Europe: the summer of 2018 breaks land temperature record

Severe Weather Europe - 21. September 2018 - 20:36

The summer of 2018 (June-August) is the hottest on record since the beginning of continent-scale records by NOAA in 1910! The mean land temperature in Europe was 2.16 °C above the 1910-2000 average. It broke the record held by the hot summer of 2003, which was 1.90 °C above the 1910-2000 average. Europe land temperature anomaly for the period June-August compared to the 1910-2000 average. Data and plot: NOAA. France had the second hottest summer on record (since 1900), at +2.0 °C warmer than average, only surpassed by the summer of 2003 with a +3.2 °C anomaly. Germany also had the second hottest summer on record (since 1881) at 2.2 °C above average (1981-2010 baseline). The Netherlands also recorded the […]

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Extra Arctic observations can improve predictability of tropical cyclones

ScienceDaily - 21. September 2018 - 16:24
Scientists have found that additional weather observations in the Arctic can help predict the track and intensity of tropical and mid-latitude cyclones more accurately, improving weather forecasting of extreme weather events.
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Latest update on the intense windstorm for N Denmark and S Norway today

Severe Weather Europe - 21. September 2018 - 11:30

A rapidly deepening cyclone with an intense windstorm is in development across the North Sea this morning. It is expected to bring extremely severe winds into the northern Denmark and southern Norway later this afternoon. Peak wind gusts could exceed 150 km/h. Cyclone will be moving across southern Norway towards NE into Sweden in the early evening hours, so windstorm should also bring severe winds into SW Sweden, but should be less intense than further west. Morning pressure analysis reveals a rapidly deepening cyclone in the North sea, just west of Denmark, moving towards NE. Severe winds are already reported from several stations at the open sea, peak gusts reaching up to 112 km/h. Gusts up to 90 km/h have […]

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Update on the intense Arctic outbreak next Tuesday

Severe Weather Europe - 20. September 2018 - 23:49

An Arctic outbreak which is expected to shut down late summer across much of Europe, is very well confirmed by the latest model runs. Lets take a look on the latest trends, some minor changes are seen in the pre-outbreak environment. The airmass behind the Arctic front will be extremely cold for late September, such outbreaks are actually quite rare and it could potentially bring first frosty mornings in some regions across east-central Europe and Balkan peninsula by mid next week. The change in pattern starts tomorrow, as the cold front associated with the deep trough/cyclone with windstorm crossing North Sea and Denmark will be pushed across the central Europe and towards the Balkan peninsula. A quite colder airmass will […]

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NASA balloon mission captures electric blue clouds

ScienceDaily - 20. September 2018 - 23:08
Scientists share mesmerizing new images of electric blue clouds from NASA's PMC Turbo balloon mission that flew in over the Arctic in July 2018.
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Portugal and Spain in for a heat wave next week

Severe Weather Europe - 20. September 2018 - 21:15

The pattern flip that brings much colder weather for much of Europe next week will bring late summer back to the Iberian peninsula. In what has been a persistent pattern throughout the summer, southwestern Spain and much of Portugal will enjoy hot weather with temperatures well above 30 °C, likely approaching 40 °C in some locations. Perfect for (very) late summer holidays. See GFS model guidance for individual days below: Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday

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An intense windstorm will hit Denmark tomorrow, Sept 21st

Severe Weather Europe - 20. September 2018 - 16:31

An intense windstorm which is crossing British Isles tonight, will additionally strengthen over the North sea tomorrow morning and head towards Denmark,south Norway and southwest Sweden with extremely severe wind gusts likely. A quite rapidly moving deep cyclone will develop an intense windstorm by midday over the open waters of North Sea and push into Denmark and surroundings through the afternoon hours. A very deep cyclone forms and intensifies while moving across the western Europe towards the southern Scandinavia, in response to a very cold core low associated with a deep long-wave north Atlantic trough, as mentioned in the weekly pattern overview earlier this week. A tight pressure gradient against the ridge to the east will produce very intense wind […]

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A medicane expected to fully form east of Sardinia within the next 24 hours

Severe Weather Europe - 20. September 2018 - 12:29

Latest model guidance, together with radar and satellite imagery is now in very good agreement on the developing deep cyclone over the Tyrrhenian sea – a Medicane! Deep convection in ongoing around the centre of the cyclone and tightening pressure gradient is visible. The Medicane is expected to become better organized and more intense within the next 48 hours while it moves along the SE coast of Sardinia towards Tunisia. Today’s morning radar and satellite analysis: notice the pronounced cirrus clouds outflow across the SW quadrant of the cyclone, as well as interesting behaviour of the convective bands around the sistem. 08 UTC or 10am CET pressure analysis across the Mediterranean. The cyclone is centered just east of Sardinia, currently […]

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Arctic outbreak will shut down late summer early next week

Severe Weather Europe - 20. September 2018 - 0:41

The weather pattern has become quite dynamic across the western half of Europe lately, between deep Atlantic troughs to the west and persisting ridge to the east. Additionally, a much more significant change in weather is coming soon, as the ridge collapses and a powerful outbreak of Arctic airmass spreads across large part of our continent by early next week. The late summer temperatures we have been enjoying this month will be shut down by two intense cold blasts. The first, weaker cold wave crosses part of Europe this weekend while a more intense Arctic outbreak arrives on Monday and Tuesday and very cold airmass will be advected all the way to the southern Mediterranean and North Africa. Friday, Sept […]

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An intense windstorm will cross the British Isles tomorrow night, September 20th, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 19. September 2018 - 22:06

After windstorm Ali the British Isles are in for another windstorm: yet another deep low passes across the region tomorrow, bringing potentially severe and damaging winds to the region. We take a closer look at the model guidance. A new deep low rapidly develops over the Atlantic ocean just west of the British Isles and Ireland. It moves across Ireland and the UK late on Thursday and early on Friday. High-resolution models agree on the low resulting in a new strong windstorm across parts of the British Isles. We compare ARPEGE and ICON-EU model guidance: both models are in good agreement for peak winds across Wales, northern England and Scotland between late Thursday and early Friday. Indicated peak gusts are […]

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Diverse forests are stronger against drought

ScienceDaily - 19. September 2018 - 20:30
Researchers report that forests with trees that employ a high diversity of traits related to water use suffer less of an impact from drought. The results, which expand on previous work that looked at individual tree species' resilience based on hydraulic traits, lead to new research directions on forest resilience and inform forest managers working to rebuild forests after logging or wildfire.
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Update on the developing deep cyclone and Medicane in the Tyrrhenian sea tomorrow

Severe Weather Europe - 19. September 2018 - 16:29

Models are now in good agreement on the development a potentially dangerous weather situation across parts of Tyrrhenian sea and the island of Sardinia. Latest model guidance suggest the today’s convective activity, associated with a weak upper low across the region, will result in rapid cyclonegenesis and the formation of a medicane over the Tyrrhenian tonight, within weak wind shear environment and over a very warm Mediterranean sea. Models are still indicating the likelihood of a warm core system – a medicane (Tropical-like Cyclone) development tomorrow, Thursday Sept 20th. Here is the MNW-WRF model guidance where a large cyclone is indicated over the Tyrrhenian sea. While its wind field is not expected to be particularly severe, gusts up to 80-100 […]

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