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An intense extra-tropical cyclone (bombogenesis) will move across the north Atlantic tomorrow, nearing Iceland/Greenland on Thursday, Feb 19-21st

Severe Weather Europe - 19. Veebruar 2019 - 12:00

A very intense cyclone (a so-called ‘bombogenesis’ cyclone or a weather bomb) will develop across the North Atlantic later today and move towards Iceland and Greenland tomorrow and on Thursday. A violent windstorm will result from this cyclone, bringing extremely severe winds in excess of 150 km/h as well as significant wave heights up to 15 metres. The system develops over the northwest Atlantic today as a sharp wave ejects off Nova Scotia (Canada) and a trough rapidly deepens over the warmer waters of Atlantic ocean. A very intense surface cyclone will be associated with this deepening trough, resulting in a very intense wind field in the lowest levels. Attached is the sequence of cyclone development across the North Atlantic. […]

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Tropical cyclone Oma

Severe Weather Europe - 19. Veebruar 2019 - 9:15

Tropical Cyclone Oma is tracking towards NE Australia after grazing New Caledonia. The Category 1 system currently packs peak sustained winds of 85 mph (137 km/h). Tropical cyclone Oma on February 19, 6:50 UTC. Images: Himawari-8. Tropical cyclone Oma early on February 19. Images: NASA WorldView / Terra MODIS. Oma will slowly track southwest over the next several days.

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Climate change makes summer weather stormier yet more stagnant

ScienceDaily - 18. Veebruar 2019 - 22:32
Climate change is shifting the energy in the atmosphere that fuels summertime weather, which may lead to stronger thunderstorms and more stagnant conditions for midlatitude regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Europe, and Asia, a new study finds.
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SWE Photography Contest Summer Challenge 2019 No.1: Lightning

Severe Weather Europe - 18. Veebruar 2019 - 19:42

Get ready to shoot it out with you fellow photographers – here is a photography challenge that will test you and push your photography prowess to the limit. From capturing rare bolts from the blue, to the elusive tendrils of upward streamers to ghostly upper atmosphere lightning. Capture the following lightning phenomena and enter them into the SWE Photography contest: 1. “Bolt from the blue”: capture a bolt from the blue – lightning bolt striking from the updraft or anvil region of the thunderstorm clear of the rain-free base or precipitation of the storm (e.g. away from the thunderstorm). bolt from the blue over the Adriatic sea: lightning bolt emerges from high in the updraft and strikes outside the main […]

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Weekly pattern overview across Europe – stable and unusually warm weather will continue for another week, Feb 18-25th

Severe Weather Europe - 17. Veebruar 2019 - 22:53

Europe has been dominated by a strong ridge through mid February and model trends are suggesting yet another week of stable and unusually very warm weather across a large part of our continent. Monday, Feb 18th An upper ridge dominates the eastern half of Europe, including parts of north Europe, central Europe and the Mediterranean. A short wave trough moves across the UK with a surface cyclone centered over the northeast Atlantic, just east of Iceland. Very warm airmass will be placed across central Europe, Baltic region and southern Scandinavia. Tuesday, Feb 19th The upper ridge starts diminishing and moves into the ESE Europe as a trough/cyclone from the NE Atlantic pushes into northern Europe. Very warm airmass spreads into […]

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Update: warm weekend ahead for most of Europe

Severe Weather Europe - 16. Veebruar 2019 - 12:52

Very stable weather across much of Europe with predominantly clear skies across central, western, southern and parts of eastern and southeastern Europe. Only Greece and southern Italy will be experiencing cooler weather, particularly Greece where continued snow and rain is expected. Outlook by day. Maps: GFS 850 mbar temperature anomaly map, GFS 2 m temperature anomaly map, ECMWF 850 mbar temperature anomaly map Saturday, February 16th Sunday, February 17th More on the pattern across the continent this week: Weekly pattern overview – a powerful upper ridge will dominate Europe and result in spring like weather, Feb 12-17th

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Surprise findings turn up the temperature on the study of vernalization

ScienceDaily - 15. Veebruar 2019 - 15:23
Researchers have uncovered new evidence about the agriculturally important process of vernalization in a development that could help farmers deal with financially damaging weather fluctuations.
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Artificial intelligence to boost Earth system science

ScienceDaily - 14. Veebruar 2019 - 18:55
A new study shows that artificial intelligence can substantially improve our understanding of the climate and the Earth system.
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Week 5 (January 28 – February 3, 2019) Contest Winners

Severe Weather Europe - 14. Veebruar 2019 - 18:42

The WINNER among the 96 entries in Week 5: Marko Korošec‎‎‎. 1. place – WINNER: Marko Korošec‎ – 436 votes “Isolated LP supercell in Kansas.” 2. place: Stavros Kesedakis – 252 votes “”the core” an amazing turquoise colored hailcore approaching Colorado USA…” 3. place: Axel Guibourg‎ – 211 votes “Giant Shelf Cloud, Western France, August 28th 2018.Axel Guibourg Photographie Website: axelguibourg.com“ 4. place: Pol Esox‎‎‎‎ – 207 votes “Home (Belgium) Summer 2017” 5. place: Γιωργος Παρασκευαιδης‎‎ – 169 votes “30/01/2019 mammatus clouds with rainobow at nicosia city cyprus” 6. place: Татяна Такева‎ – 163 votes “Bologna .. Sunset Photo CBRE” 7. place: Danijel Palčić‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ – 146 votes “Shelf cloud approaching the island of Pag, Croatia, 1.9.2017” 7. place: Stefanos Mistrellides‎ […]

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Very warm weather across much of Europe to continue for the next several days

Severe Weather Europe - 14. Veebruar 2019 - 15:43

As the powerful ridge over Europe strengthens, we are looking at another 3-4 days of very warm weather for February across most of the continent. Much of Europe is under a broad ridge, centered over Germany today, with surface pressure reaching close to 1040 mbar. The ridge will slowly move southeastward over the next few days, but high temperatures will persist at least until Sunday when a shallow trough pushes in from the west for a brief respite. Outlook by day. Maps: GFS 850 mbar temperature anomaly map, GFS 2 m temperature anomaly map, ECMWF 850 mbar temperature anomaly map Friday, February 15th Saturday, February 16th Sunday, February 17th More on the pattern across the continent this week: Weekly pattern […]

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New clue in curious case of cassowary casque

ScienceDaily - 13. Veebruar 2019 - 16:08
A team of Australian scientists has completed research that could help solve a 200-year-old mystery surrounding an iconic Australian bird.
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Earth's magnetic shield booms like a drum when hit by impulses

ScienceDaily - 12. Veebruar 2019 - 15:15
The Earth's magnetic shield booms like a drum when it is hit by strong impulses, according to new research.
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Weekly pattern overview – a powerful upper ridge will dominate Europe and result in spring like weather, Feb 12-17th

Severe Weather Europe - 11. Veebruar 2019 - 23:07

The weather through this week will be mostly stable across much of our continent as a powerful and persistent upepr ridge / high pressure system develops and dominates our weather. Lets get into details on separate days. Tuesday, Feb 12th An upper ridge is located across the western and southwestern Europe while a long-wave upper trough is moving across the eastern Europe and the Balkan peninsula. Quite cold weather is being advected across the central Europe, Balkan peninsula into the Mediterranean in the wake of the trough and surface cold front. High pressure system is expanding from the western towards the central Europe. Wednesday, Feb 13th The upper ridge and high pressure system are strengthening and spreading into the central […]

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Climate change may destroy tiger's home

ScienceDaily - 11. Veebruar 2019 - 17:54
A scientist says the last coastal stronghold of an iconic predator, the endangered Bengal tiger, could be destroyed by climate change and rising sea levels over the next 50 years.
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Storm photography standard zoom lens considerations and recommendations for crop sensor DSLRs

Severe Weather Europe - 10. Veebruar 2019 - 19:40

As the new storm season approaches many of you will be looking to upgrade your lens lineup. Many may also be looking at spring sales of cameras, to get a new one and shoot some storms. We go through the requirements storm photography puts on cameras and standard zoom lenses, and our experience with fast standard zoom lenses for crop sensor DSLRs with some lens recommendations. Photographing storms puts a wide range of requirements on lenses. Photographing in broad daylight and photographing lightning at night, the lens must be sharp. But photographing in low-light conditions, either at dusk and night or in darkness due to thunderstorms, the lens must be able to gather as much light as possible. As if […]

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Seasons change: Researchers provide new definition for major Indian monsoon season

ScienceDaily - 8. Veebruar 2019 - 18:53
Researchers have used detailed surface temperature analyses to develop the first-ever objective definition of the Northeast Indian Monsoon.
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Deep cyclone and a potentially powerful windstorm for parts of the British Isles and Ireland on Friday and Saturday

Severe Weather Europe - 7. Veebruar 2019 - 17:20

A very deep cyclone will affect the British Isles and Ireland on Friday and Saturday. It will produce storm to potentially hurricane force winds, and locally quite significant rainfall totals. This is a potentially dangerous system for places along the track of maximum winds. The cyclone formed off the coast of Newfoundland late on Wednesday, moving east-northeast and rapidly deepening to 988 mbar by early Thursday afternoon. The cyclone will track ENE towards the British Isles and Ireland, rapidly deepening The system will produce a wide swath of severe to locally extremely severe winds. Winds gusting above 100 km/h are expected across much of Ireland, Scotland, southwest and north England and Wales. Maximum wind gusts across the British Isles and […]

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Week 4 (January 21 – 27, 2019) Contest Winners

Severe Weather Europe - 7. Veebruar 2019 - 14:41

The WINNER among the 70 entries in Week 4: Marin Šermina Pitton‎ ‎‎. 1. place – WINNER: Marin Šermina Pitton‎ – 258 votes “On 27.07.2018. we had longest Lunar eclipse in last 100 years. I took this photo close to Nin, Croatia. You can see Moon, Mars and church of St. Nicolas on the photo. Marin Pitton Photoart“ 2. place: Christophe Suarez – 252 votes “Lightning of Marseille never disappoints !” 3. place: Γιωργος Παρασκευαιδης‎ – 206 votes “meteor rock falling above thunderstorm at cape greko cyprus and the night just became day 11/11/2018 midnight the lucky shutter that moment was mine… 30sec exposure” 4. place: Maja Kraljik‎‎‎ – 186 votes “46°solar halo with parhelia and rare lower tangent arc.. […]

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Melting ice sheets may cause 'climate chaos' according to new modelling

ScienceDaily - 6. Veebruar 2019 - 20:19
The weather these days is wild and will be wilder still within a century -- in part, because the water from melting ice sheets off Greenland and in the Antarctic will cause extreme weather and unpredictable temperatures around the globe. A new study is the first to simulate the effects, under current climate policies, that the two melting ice sheets will have on ocean temperatures and circulation patterns as well as on air temperatures by the year 2100.
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2018 fourth warmest year in continued warming trend, according to NASA, NOAA

ScienceDaily - 6. Veebruar 2019 - 18:56
Earth's global surface temperatures in 2018 were the fourth warmest since 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
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20.02. päeval tugevneb lääne ja loodetuul 14 kuni 18, puhanguti kuni 24 m/s.
20.02. päeval tugevneb lääne ja loodetuul 14 kuni 18, puhanguti kuni 24 m/s.
20.02. päeval tugevneb lääne ja loodetuul 14 kuni 18, puhanguti kuni 24 m/s.
20.02. päeval tugevneb lääne ja loodetuul 14 kuni 18, puhanguti kuni 24 m/s.
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