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Tropical storm Florence could impact east US coast next week

7. September 2018 - 16:18

It is the peak of the hurricane season and the Atlantic is becoming active. A rapidly developed system formed the hurricane Florence, which intensified into a Category 4 hurricane on Wednesday. It reached the lowest pressure of 953 mbar and peak sustained winds of 130 mph. Hurricane Florence then interacted with an area where significantly sheared environment was present, weakened and collapsed. It is currently a Tropical Storm with sustained winds of 65 mph and central pressure of 996 mbar. Florence is heading further west and is expected to arrive into better non-sheared environment in the next days, so an intensification is likely. It is much too soon to know how Florence may impact the US later next week, if […]

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Weekly pattern overview across Europe (Sept 3 – 10th, 2018)

3. September 2018 - 18:18

Here is an overview of the pattern evolution this week. Early September across our continent will be characterized by ridging over northern Europe while some more dynamic weather is expected further south across central and southern Europe. The overall pattern will bring above normal temperatures across much of our continent while below normal temperatures are likely over western Europe and the Iberian peninsula where troughs and frontal systems will be ongoing. Monday, Sept 3rd A large, but weakening upper low remains over the northern Mediterranean, expected to diminish while moving onto the Balkan peninsula overnight. Strong ridging remains over Scandinavia where stable weather is expected. A weak upper low is entering SW Iberian peninsula and brings a widespread storm development […]

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Severe thunderstorms likely in eastern and northeastern Spain today – September 3, 2018

3. September 2018 - 16:07

A broad cutoff upper low is located over the Atlantic just west of the Iberian peninsula. Ahead of the low a significant overlap of instability and shear is building up an environment conductive for the formation of severe thunderstorms. We take a closer look. A moderately strong subtropical jetstreak rounds the southern edge of the cutoff low, passing over southern and eastern Spain and the Balearic Islands. Winds up to 30-40 kt are present at 500 mbar level. Moderate to locally strong instability is building up, as easterly surface winds advect moist air from the western Mediterranean. Various models are in good agreement that up to 2000 and locally up to 3000 J/kg MLCAPE will build up in eastern Spain, […]

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Three active tropical systems on going in the Pacific ocean this week

30. August 2018 - 17:52

An active day in the Pacific ocean this week with three tropical systems ongoing there: Typhoon Jebi and Hurricanes Miriam and Hurricane Norman. Despite all of the being strong or intense systems, none if currently having a potential threat for land. Hurricane Norman – Category 4 hurricane strength with central pressure 942 mbar, sustained winds of 144 mph, gusts up to 173 mph. It is located in eastern Pacific, SW of California. Here is the latest statement from the National Hurricane Center (NHC): Satellite data show that Norman continues to rapidly strengthen. Objective Dvorak data T-numbers from UW/CIMSS have increased to T6.5 or higher and the latest TAFB subjective data T-number is T6.5. These estimates support an initial intensity of […]

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Very warm period for N-NE Europe early next week, Sept 2-5th

30. August 2018 - 16:46

A very warm period is foreseen for northern Europe after this weekend. Temperatures up to almost 10 °C above average for early September are possible across parts of Finland. As mentioned in the weekly preview yesterday, the European continent is undergoing a significant pattern change this weekend. A so-called Rex blocking ridge pattern develops: a persistent strong ridge / high pressure system over north Europe with an upper low to its south in the Mediterranean. Strong warm advection will be ongoing along the eastern flank of deep trough over the north Atlantic onto Scandinavia. This then brings stable and warm weather into N-NE European countries and much warmer afternoons than usual. Warm weather is expected to continue for several days […]

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New round of snow for central Alps this weekend – Aug 31-Sept 2, 2018

30. August 2018 - 15:55

While not quite a significant as last week, a new round of snow is coming for high altitude locations in central Alps with the system that will affect the region this weekend. Models agree on snowfall at altitudes of approximately 2600-2800 m and higer. Higher elevations may well see 10 cm snow or more. Snow depth late on Saturday. ARPEGE model. Map: Accumulated snow over the next 3 days. Map: Summer snowfall at higher altitudes in the Alps is nothing particularly unusual, but it does present the opportunity for winter lovers to enjoy some early taste of winter.

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Dynamic weekend with severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall ahead for north Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia – Aug 30-Sept 2, 2018

30. August 2018 - 13:28

An increasingly impressive trough is moving towards the Alpine and northern Mediterranean region. It is expected to produce very unsettled weather with severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall over the next four days. We take a closer look at this very interesting and potentially dangerous setup. The main severe weather threats on Friday will be: torrential rainfall across the Alps of NW Italy, S Switzerland and W Austria and isolated severe thunderstorms with large to very large hail, torrential rainfall and severe straight line wind. A tornado is possible along the coastal area in northern and northeastern Italy. On Saturday the main threat will be torrential rainfall across parts of N and NE Italy and in particular W-CNTRL Slovenia and NW-N […]

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Severe thunderstorms hit parts of Spain and France – August 28, 2018

30. August 2018 - 2:41

As expected, severe thunderstorms hit northern and northeastern Spain and extreme southwest of France on Tuesday. France was hit by storms clustering into squall lines, while Spain was hit by more discrete thunderstorms that produced large to locally very large hail. Storms in southwestern France formed extremely impressive and well-developed structures. Spain in particular was hit by severe hailstorms with large to locally very large hail. Cover photo credit: Meteolor’.

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Weekly pattern overview – warm weather returns (Aug 29 – Sept 7th)

29. August 2018 - 11:59

Europe is entering a warmer pattern through the end of August and early September as a large ridge is expected to develop this coming weekend. At first, a trough is pushed from western into central Europe. It will bring some severe weather into the region, followed by a rapidly strengthening upper ridge. The ridge will dominate much of Europe and result in warmer and more stable weather. Meanwhile an upper low across north-central Mediterranean is expected to bring unsettled conditions to that region over the weekend and early next week. The current pattern across Europe reveals a change from the past days as an upper low over the Adriatic sea is ejecting into SE Mediterranean and ridge is strengthening across […]

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Unsettled weather expected across the Mediterranean region this week (August 28 – September 2, 2018)

28. August 2018 - 17:23

The weather will mostly remain fairly unstable over parts of the Mediterranean region this week. A shallow cutoff low slowly moves across Greece and the eastern Mediterranean on Tuesday – Thursday and brings rain showers and thunderstorms to the region. Persistent rainfall may produce up to 40-80 mm / 24h locally; some places may experience inconvenience with locally strong storm runoff and minor flash flooding. Daytime highs in the region will be in the upper 20s and locally above 30 °C. The weather will be rather stable and warm across other parts of the Mediterranean. Situation on Wednesday, August 29. A shallow cutoff upper low is located over the eastern Mediterranean. Map: Rainfall totals until tomorrow evening in Greece. […]

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Severe thunderstorms expected over northern, northeastern Spain, southern and western France today – August 28, 2018

28. August 2018 - 12:38

Severe thunderstorms are likely in southwestern France and parts of northern and eastern Spain today. A shortwave trough / surface low ejects from the Atlantic across the north of the Iberian peninsula, across the Bay of Biscay into France. Conditions are favourable for the development of severe thunderstorms. Isolated / discrete thunderstorms are expected to first develop across north-northeast Spain in mid-afternoon. Strong instability will likely be available, with up to 2000+ J/kg MLCAPE, overlapping with 30-40 kt deep-layer shear. Expect multicell and supercell thunderstorms to develop. Main threats will be large to locally very large hail (>5 cm), severe straight line winds and locally torrential rainfall. Tornado threat will be limited. The storms will move northward and dissipate by […]

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Enormous waterspout near Split, Croatia – August 26, 2018

28. August 2018 - 2:22

Numerous waterspouts were reported along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea on Sunday, August 26 as cold air overspread the region in the wake of the intense cold front. A particularly large waterspout formed near Split, Croatia last Sunday, as recorded by many eyewitnesses. The waterspout was recorded very close to the coast of the Adriatic sea near Split, Croatia. The waterspout formed near Grljevac and made landfall near Podstrana. Waterspout near Podstrana, Croatia over central Adriatic. August 26. Photo: Zana Hrkac / Photo: Ruža Žilić Ivanišević / Photos: Late summer and autumn is waterspout season in Croatia: the Adriatic sea remains very warm while increasingly deep troughs and cutoff lows bring conditions favourable for waterspout […]

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Textbook, spectacular thunderstorm captured over Tokyo, Japan – August 26, 2018

28. August 2018 - 1:32

Every once in a while the weather produces a perfect, textbook phenomenon. And every once in a while, someone captures it perfectly. It happened in Tokyo on August 26: a perfect, textbook thunderstorm. This thunderstorm displayed a textbook Cumulonimbus capillatus incus shape: a powerful convective updraft and a well-defined anvil at the top. It also produced an impressive ‘bolt from the blue’ lightning bolt: such a bolt starts in the updraft or even in the anvil and strikes out and away from the thunderstorm. This type of lightning bolt can strike up to ~30 km from the thunderstorm; the skies can be blue with hardly a sign of an ongoing thunderstorm, hence the name ‘bolt from the blue’. Check out […]

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Intense cold front over the Adriatic region this weekend: reports

28. August 2018 - 0:05

As expected, an intense cold front passed the Adriatic region on August 25 and 26. It produced widespread thunderstorms with exceptional lightning rates, torrential rainfall, hail and waterspouts. Daytime highs acros the northern Adriatic region were pushed from 32-35 °C range on August 24 to 15-18 °C on August 26. Intense lightning storms hit the northern Adriatic from the Po delta in north Italy to the Trieste Gulf and all the way south to Split. Nearly 170 000 lightning flashes were detected across the Adriatic on August 26-27! Map: Lightning storm over the Gulf of Trieste, north Adriatic. Close range lightning strike into a sail boat mast in Muggia, Gulf of Trieste. Lightning storm over Mali Lošinj, Croatia (north […]

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Fresh snow in the Alps this morning (August 26), up to 35 cm!

26. August 2018 - 19:36

As expected the Alps got a good sprinkling of snow during the passage of the cold front last night and thi morning. Elevations above about 2000 m got some snow, while higher elevations even received up to 30-35 cm. We take a look at some of the reports. Enjoy!

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Severe weather outbreak across N Mediterranean region this weekend, Aug 24-26

24. August 2018 - 11:16

Here is the latest update on the upcoming robust weather this weekend. Various models are well on track with developing a potentially severe weather outbreak tonight through tomorrow (Saturday, Aug 25th) and Sunday (Sunday, Aug 26th) across the N Mediterranean region. Including N Italy, much of Slovenia, NW Croatia and Adriatic sea where all types of severe weather will be possible, including tornadoes and especially dangerous flash floods! The current pattern reveals a very deep trough approaching central Europe with a significant change in weather expected along and behind the surface cold front in the next two days. Hot and very moist airmass is placed ahead of the front, rising potential for intense storms development when the front enters the […]

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Update on the torrential rainfall episode and severe thunderstorms over the northern Adriatic region this weekend (N-NE Italy, S Austria, W Slovenia, NW Croatia)

23. August 2018 - 16:48

Models are still on track for major torrential rainfall across the northern Adriatic region. Intense convective rainfall will be enhanced by strong orographic forcing along the southern flanks of the Alps in NE Italy and W Slovenia and western flanks of the Dinarides in NW Croatia. Rainfall totals will likely exceed 150-200 m in a number of locations, possibly reaching as high as 300 mm. Strong instability will build up across the northern Adriatic, the plains of NE Italy and along the coastal area in Slovenia and NW Croatia. MLCAPE in excess of 3000 J/kg, with peak values up to 4500 J/kg is expected. Very high amounts of rain are expected along the southern flank of the Alps in NE […]

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Sharp cold front will bring snowfall to parts of the Alps this weekend

23. August 2018 - 8:07
The sharp cold front that will pass across the Alpine region through the weekend will also produce the first significant snowfall in the Alps. It will be confined to higher elevations (above ~2000-2400 m). Models indicate the zero isotherm (0 °C level) will drop to approximately 2000-2400 m in the wake of the cold front. Northern and central Alps will likely receive a springking of snow above this level, with elevations above ~3000 m receiving up to 5-20 cm of snow. Southeastern alps will also likely receive some sprinkling of snow. The snow will not last as temperatures are expected to rise quite quickly after the cold front: 0 °C level will be above 3000 m across most of the
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Torrential rainfall likely for the northern Adriatic region this weekend (NE Italy, W Slovenia, NW Croatia, S Austria)

22. August 2018 - 21:26
The deep trough that will pass the Alpine region and northern Mediterranean will form a cutoff low over the region and produce torrential rainfall over the northern Mediterranean and parts of the Alps. We take a look at current model guidance. Expect major torrential rainfall in parts of northeastern Italy, western Slovenia, southern Austria and northwestern Croatia (Istra & Kvarner). Various models agree on over 200 mm / 24-36h of rainfall locally, with some models suggesting values over 300 mm. Torrential convective rainfall, likely from slowly moving convective lines and training storm cells will combine with orographic rainfall along the Alpine and Dinaric flank. Expect local flash flooding. The potential for severe thunderstorms is inconclusive at this time, as successive
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Severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall increasingly likely over north-northeastern Italy, parts of Slovenia and Croatia this weekend

21. August 2018 - 21:46
The approaching deep trough and the associated frontal system is setting up to produce an episode of severe weather across the northern Mediterranean region this weekend. Severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall are expected. Strong instability will develop across south of the Alps. Current northern Adriatic sea surface temperatures are up to 28-29 °C, locally even 30 °C. Strong evaporation is driving dewpoints in the low to mid 20s and providing a very moist airmass ahead of the upcoming disturbance. Strong to potentially extreme instability is expected to build up over the northern Adriatic region with 2000-3000 J/kg MLCAPE, locally more available on Friday and Saturday. A strong mid-level jet will overspread the region. Depending on the strength of the southerly
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