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Yet another very intense *Arctic outbreak* will push across most of the United States next week, Oct 27th-Nov 1st

25. Oktoober 2019 - 14:42

Another powerful cold blast is shaping up to push from Arctic region across Canada into the United States after Sunday this weekend and continue spreading towards the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast US until the end of October. An intense cold with 20-30 °C colder weather than average is expected, also with quite a lot […]

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*UPDATE* on the Arctic outbreak into continental Europe through the end of October into early November

25. Oktoober 2019 - 13:50

Models are now in even better agreement regarding a significant Arctic cold outbreak into Europe next week. Updated guidance suggests much colder airmass will spread into east-central Europe, but also into western Europe! A classic textbook pattern for an Arctic cold blast develops across Europe by the end of October as powerful upper-ridge takes place […]

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Excessive rainfall should result in local flooding across parts of WSW England and Wales tonight into tomorrow, Oct 25/26th

25. Oktoober 2019 - 13:11

A rapidly northeastwards moving surface cyclone along the baroclinic zone will develop an excessive rainfall threat across SW UK, precisely across WSW England and especially across Wales. Models are in fairly good agreement up to 100-150 mm of rainfall should accumulate by tomorrow evening, Saturday, Oct 26th. A powerful jet stream between the long-wave trough […]

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A cyclone with severe winds will push across western Europe, North Sea into S Scandinavia this afternoon and tonight, Oct 25/26th

25. Oktoober 2019 - 12:54

Severe winds threat will develop across parts of England, Wales, northern parts of the Netherlands and Germany across Denmark into S Scandinavia today and early tomorrow, associated with a surface cyclone and frontal system rapidly moving across the baroclinic zone. The current pattern over Europe supporting this evolution indicates a strong ridge persisting across the […]

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Rising potential for shallow warm core development in the far eastern Mediterranean, Oct 24-25th

23. Oktoober 2019 - 22:38

An upper low is located over the E Mediterranean and the Middle East with a gradually deepening surface low over the sea south of Cyprus. Fairly active convective storms are visible since mid-afternoon today. In addition, several models are hinting development of a shallow warm core tomorrow during the day and system could intensity further. […]

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Finally, the first serious *Arctic outbreak* of the season is coming up next week, Oct 29-31st

23. Oktoober 2019 - 18:01

Who has enough of this unusually warm weather for mid-autumn and who is ready for winter? As mentioned yesterday – *Pattern shift* Weather pattern shift underway, will bring cold air to USA and Europe next week! Snow cover across hemisphere expands rapidly! – It appears likely we are facing the first serious cold Arctic outbreak […]

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Severe storms with intense / excessive rainfall and flooding threat across S France and NW Italy today

23. Oktoober 2019 - 13:39

Widespread convective storms are ongoing across the western Mediterranean today, resulting in intense and excessive rainfall into southern France. Activity is gradually spreading east towards NW Italy. Locally up to near 200 mm is possible until tomorrow morning, Thursday, Oct 24th! The pattern supporting this activity reveals a strong ridge across E Europe with a […]

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Super typhoon BUALOI remains a powerful Category 4 and is on its way towards Iwo Jima island tomorrow

23. Oktoober 2019 - 0:37

Super typhoon Bualoi continues to show an impressive structure and intensity today, it was maintaining a strong Category 4 strength through the last 24 hours and it continues towards Iwo Jima. The small island will get a direct hit and potential landfall of this violent typhoon in the next 18-24 hours, at around 15-18 UTC […]

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*Pattern shift* Weather pattern shift underway, will bring cold air to USA and Europe next week! Snow cover across hemisphere expands rapidly!

22. Oktoober 2019 - 23:28

October is slowly coming to an end, which means that the global circulation is going through some specific changes as we slowly move into the colder season for the Northern Hemisphere. We are witnessing an onset of a pattern change, which will enable the transport of colder air from the polar regions down into the […]

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*UPDATE* typhoon BUALOI is now crossing the Marianas and continues rapidly strengthening – expected to reach Category 4 by tomorrow!

21. Oktoober 2019 - 22:04

Typhoon Bualoi continues strengthening today and is now a solid Category 3 typhoon. As of 12 UTC today, Oct 21st, Bualoi has intensified from 80 mph to 120 mph within past 24 hours! It is now crossing the northern Marianas and is expected to head towards Japan’s Iwo Jima island by Thursday while increasigly likely […]

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*UPDATE* on the record-breaking late October ‘heatwave’ across east-central Europe this week

21. Oktoober 2019 - 12:01

Models are confirming an extremely warm airmass spreading and maintaining across a large part of east-central Europe and the Balkan peninsula this week, both low- and mid-levels will experience 10-15 °C warmer airmass than normally for this period. Temperatures will locally climb towards the 30 °C! Let’s see some day-to-day details regarding the pattern evolution […]

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*UPDATE* Typhoon BUALOI is now rapidly intensifying, continues towards northern Mariana islands

21. Oktoober 2019 - 9:55

As more or less expected, typhoon Bualoi continued its gradual strengthening during the 24 hours, but it is now beginning its rapid intensification phase. It continues towards the northern Mariana islands and should pass north of the island Saipan later today. A direct hit of Japan’s Iwo Jima islands seems increasingly likely on Thursday, Oct […]

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Another typhoon will travel across the western Pacific this week – BUALOI on its way towards Mariana islands, Oct 20-25th

20. Oktoober 2019 - 13:37

Yet another typhoon, Bualoi, has formed in the western Pacific and is heading towards Mariana islands first, then gradually turning its curvature north towards Japan. Bualoi is traveling across the unusually warm waters east of Guam right now and is gaining organization and strength. The future track will bring the typhoon towards Japan, which however […]

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Unusually strong positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) event develops, powers severe droughts in Australia, and supports warmer October in Europe.

20. Oktoober 2019 - 1:07

There are many global factors and influences that drive our climate and the weather that we feel. A lot of these “drivers” come from the oceans around the world. One such driver (or index) is the Indian Ocean Dipole, also know as the IOD. As the name already suggests, this index can be found in […]

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Very warm weather intensifies across east-central Europe, locally close to 30 °C is possible, Oct 21-26th

19. Oktoober 2019 - 16:02

The current unusually warm pattern for mid-October is far from finished. The blocking ridge over east-central Europe should intensify and bring another week of extremely warm days for late October, with afternoon temperatures locally climbing into 26-29 °C range! Monday, Oct 21st The upper ridge across the eastern half of Europe and expands into the […]

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Extreme amount of rainfall (locally 300-400 mm) is expected across the western Alps through the next 3 days, Oct 19-21st

19. Oktoober 2019 - 15:17

The first serious autumn pattern is establishing over the Alps this weekend as major rainfall event is expected. Locally, more than 300-400 mm seems increasingly likely until Monday evening. This is a textbook pattern for an intense and excessive rainfall with huge amounts of rainfall over the Alps. The overall pattern has established a strong […]

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*Winter 2019/2020* Statistical winter outlook – Solar cycle and ENSO!

17. Oktoober 2019 - 20:55

Two weeks ago, we wrote about the latest long range model forecasts, and what they show for the upcoming winter 2019/2020. While we wait for the latest October model updates, we will take a more statistical approach to seasonal forecasting. Statistical forecasting is exactly what it sounds like. We analyze the global climate data, and […]

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UPDATE: Powerful Nor’easter cyclone for the US East Coast on Thursday!

17. Oktoober 2019 - 1:05

A powerful Nor’easter cyclone is developing along the northeast coast of the US. It will peak in strength early on Thursday local time, bringing a severe windstorm, major waves and large amounts of rainfall to New England region! As of 18h UTC the deepening surface low was located on the border of Virginia and Delaware […]

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Explosive bomb Nor’easter cyclone set to hit US East Coast on Thursday

15. Oktoober 2019 - 21:51

A very powerful Nor’easter cyclone will explosively develop along the eastern coast of the US on Thursday. Winds gusting above 80-90 mph, torrential rainfall and severe easterly winds that will produce intense waves and coastal flooding are expected on the coasts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine. The nor’easter will rapidly deepen early on Thursday […]

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Destructive wildfires ongoing across parts of Syria and Lebanon, Oct 14-15th

15. Oktoober 2019 - 12:24

A major disaster is ongoing in parts of WSW Syria and N & W Lebanon as numerous destructive wildfires have erupted during the past 24 hours. Massive fires swept through the forests around the towns of Mechref to Kfar Matta and Daqoun in the Chouf district, Lebanon. Additional fires have been reported the Syrian coast […]

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