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Climate change likely to reduce the amount of sleep that people get per year

20. Mai 2022 - 20:28
Most research looking at the impact of climate change on human life has focused on how extreme weather events affect economic and societal health outcomes on a broad scale. Yet climate change may also have a strong influence on fundamental daily human activities -- including a host of behavioral, psychological, and physiological outcomes that are essential to wellbeing. Investigators now report that increasing ambient temperatures negatively impact human sleep around the globe.
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Scientists hone long-range forecasting of US tornadoes, hail

18. Mai 2022 - 18:39
New research identifies three specific orientations of atmospheric phenomena occurring near the equator over the Maritime continent that increase the probability of severe U.S. weather events three to four weeks later.
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Improved wind forecasts save consumers millions in energy costs

17. Mai 2022 - 18:22
Scientists determined that by increasing the accuracy of weather forecasts over the last decade, consumers netted at least $384 million in energy savings. The researchers based their predictions on NOAA's High Resolution Rapid Refresh model, which provides daily weather forecasts for every part of the U.S. These include wind speed and direction data, which utilities can use to gauge how much energy their turbines will produce.
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Extreme storms could help protect beaches from sea level rise, new study finds

12. Mai 2022 - 16:26
Deep sand movements stirred up by intense storms may offset some of the impacts of coastal erosion caused by sea level rise.
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World's ocean is losing its 'memory' under global warming

6. Mai 2022 - 22:14
Using future projections from the latest generation of Earth System Models, a recent study found that most of the world's ocean is steadily losing its year-to-year memory under global warming.
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Rapid adaptation of deep learning teaches drones to survive any weather

5. Mai 2022 - 15:56
Neural-Fly technology could one day build the future of package delivery drones and flying cars.
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Scientists identify the most extreme heatwaves ever recorded globally

4. Mai 2022 - 21:45
A new study has revealed the most intense heatwaves ever across the world -- and remarkably some of these went almost unnoticed decades ago.
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New portal improves forecasts of devastating storms in West Africa

4. Mai 2022 - 2:02
Storms in the Sahel region, which can reach over 100km in size, have become more extreme since the 1980s due to global warming, with more intense rainfall. An online portal will enable forecasters in West Africa to provide communities with earlier and more reliable warnings about large storms.
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Study develops framework for forecasting contribution of snowpack to flood risk during winter storms

4. Mai 2022 - 2:01
A new study provides a framework for a snowpack decision support tool that could help water managers prepare for potential flooding during rain-on-snow events, using hourly data from existing snow monitoring stations.
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Bay Area storms get wetter in a warming world

28. Aprill 2022 - 22:22
Researchers used supercomputers to run high-resolution climate simulations that show how historically-impactful storm events could look in a warmer world. The researchers simulated five of the most powerful storms that have hit the San Francisco Bay Area since 1984, then projected how these historical storms would look in 2050 and 2100. They determined that some of these extreme events would deliver 26-37 percent more rain by 2100.
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New method can predict summer rainfall in the Southwest months in advance

28. Aprill 2022 - 19:54
As reservoir levels dwindle in the Southwest, scientists have developed a method to estimate summer rainfall in the region months in advance. These seasonal predictions can enable state and local officials to make key reservoir and water allocation decisions earlier in the season and support more efficient water management.
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New climate modeling predicts increasing occurrences of flash flooding across most of the U.S.

26. Aprill 2022 - 22:36
A research team has created simulations from coupled climate and hydrologic models that demonstrate widespread increases in the occurrences of flash flooding events across most of the United States.
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Kauai's 2018 record-setting rain caused by a series of supercell thunderstorms

22. Aprill 2022 - 1:12
A record-setting rainstorm over Kaua'i, Hawai'i in April 2018 resulted in severe flash flooding and estimated damage of nearly $180 million. The deluge damaged or destroyed 532 homes, and landslides left people along Kaua'i's north coast without access to their homes. Atmospheric scientists have now revealed that severe supercell thunderstorms were to blame.
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Clearing up biases in artificial intelligence

20. Aprill 2022 - 20:36
Scientists have noticed grave disparities in artificial intelligence, noting that the methods are not objective, especially when it comes to geodiversity. AI tools, whether forecasting hail, wind or tornadoes, are assumed to be inherently objective, says one of the researchers. They aren't, she says.
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Want to be sustainable and cool? Choose fans more and AC less

8. Aprill 2022 - 15:38
A new study has found using indoor fans more often allows people to reduce their air conditioner use without changing how hot they feel, paving a way for reducing future energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
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Simulations explain Greenland’s slower summer warming

6. Aprill 2022 - 17:17
Climate changes in the tropical Pacific have temporarily put the brakes on rapid warming and ice melting in Greenland.
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Drenching rains to pose greater threat to fire-damaged areas in West

1. Aprill 2022 - 21:13
The western United States this century is facing a greatly heightened risk of heavy rains inundating areas recently scarred by wildfires, new research warns. Such events can cause significant destruction, including debris flows, mudslides, and flash floods, because the denuded landscape cannot easily contain the drenching moisture.
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Researchers discover source of super-fast electron 'rain'

30. Märts 2022 - 2:17
Scientists have discovered a new source of super-fast, energetic electrons raining down on Earth's atmosphere, a phenomenon that contributes to the colorful aurora borealis and poses hazards to satellites, spacecraft and astronauts.
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Chaos theory provides hints for controlling the weather

28. Märts 2022 - 17:13
Researchers have used computer simulations to show that weather phenomena such as sudden downpours could potentially be modified by making small adjustments to certain variables in the weather system. They did this by taking advantage of a system known as a 'butterfly attractor' in chaos theory, where a system can have one of two states -- like the wings of a butterfly -- and that it switches back and forth between the two states depending on small changes in certain conditions.
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Artificial hail for more accurate weather forecasts

25. Märts 2022 - 20:46
A vertical wind tunnel has supplied important data to facilitate the prediction of heavy rain, hail, and graupel precipitation.
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