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All about weather. Learn how meteorologists forecast the weather and why some weather systems are hard to predict.
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'IcePic' algorithm outperforms humans in predicting ice crystal formation

25. Juuli 2022 - 23:49
Scientists have developed an artificially intelligent algorithm capable of beating climate scientists at predicting how and when different materials form ice crystals. The program -- IcePic -- could help atmospheric scientists improve climate change models in the future.
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Extreme heat exposure worsens child malnutrition

25. Juuli 2022 - 19:54
Exposure to extreme heat increases both chronic and acute malnutrition among infants and young children in low-income countries -- threatening to reverse decades of progress, new research finds.
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Reducing energy consumption: A new test system for passive cooling materials

18. Juuli 2022 - 21:23
Passive day cooling is a promising technology for the sustainable reduction of energy consumption. Researchers have now created a test system with which the materials used for passive cooling can be reliably characterized and compared -- regardless of weather conditions and environmental conditions.
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Predicting equatorial plasma bubbles with SWARM

15. Juuli 2022 - 17:57
Changes in atmospheric density after sunset can cause hot pockets of gas called 'plasma bubbles' to form over the Earth's equator, resulting in communication disruptions between satellites and the Earth. New AI models are now helping scientists to predict plasma bubble events and create a forecast.
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Bomb detectors picking up more blue whale songs in Indian Ocean

11. Juuli 2022 - 18:18
The good news is, pygmy blue whales appear to be thriving in the Indian Ocean. But not-so-good is that climate change may be threatening their food sources.
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Ozone depletion over North Pole produces weather anomalies

7. Juuli 2022 - 21:18
Researchers have established that the destruction of ozone over the Arctic in the spring causes abnormal weather throughout the northern hemisphere, with many places being warmer and drier than average -- or too wet.
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Climate factors predict future mosquito activity

7. Juuli 2022 - 17:09
Increases in three climate factors -- temperature, rainfall, and ocean warming -- predicted mosquito population growth in Sri Lanka for the next one to six months, according to a new study. The findings can inform the design and timing of programs to limit the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue.
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Volcano's eruption will help scientists plot weather, climate

6. Juuli 2022 - 20:33
As it captivated people around the world, the January eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano gave scientists a once-in-a-lifetime chance to study how the atmosphere works, unlocking keys to better predict the weather and changing climate.
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Arctic temperatures are increasing four times faster than global warming

5. Juuli 2022 - 23:21
A new analysis of observed temperatures shows the Arctic is heating up more than four times faster than the rate of global warming. The trend has stepped upward steeply twice in the last 50 years, a finding missed by all but four of 39 climate models.
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Knowing Earth's energy imbalance is critical in preventing global warming, study finds

5. Juuli 2022 - 1:09
The imbalance of energy on Earth is the most important metric in order to gauge the size and effects of climate change, according to a new study.
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Study reveals an unprecedented change in Europe's fire regime

30. Juuni 2022 - 18:45
A study reveals an unprecedented change in the fire regime in Europe which is related to climate change. The affected areas are in Southern, Central and Northern Europe but this historical change in Europe's fire regime is more intense in the Mediterranean area.
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Tonga volcano eruption among the most powerful ever observed, triggering atmospheric gravity waves that reached the edge of space

30. Juuni 2022 - 18:44
The eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai submarine volcano in January 2022 was one of the most explosive volcanic events of the modern era, a new study has confirmed.
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Climate change will increase chances of wildfire globally -- but humans can still help reduce the risk

30. Juuni 2022 - 16:57
New research highlights how the risk of wildfire is rising globally due to climate change -- but also, how human actions and policies can play a critical role in regulating regional impacts. The study shows that anthropogenic climate change is a 'push' factor that enhances the risk of wildfires globally.
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Simultaneous extreme weather created dangerous cascades in U.S.

28. Juuni 2022 - 15:33
Intense heat in the southwestern United States broke records last summer partly because it hit in tandem with an unusually severe drought, finds a new study measuring for the first time how the two extreme weather events dangerously interacted in real time.
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Increasing heat waves affect up to half a billion people

28. Juuni 2022 - 15:32
Extremely high temperatures have been reported by India and Pakistan in the spring. In a new scientific journal article, researchers paint a gloomy picture for the rest of the century. Heat waves are expected to increase, affecting up to half a billion people in South Asia every year.
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How climate change is affecting extreme weather events around the world

28. Juuni 2022 - 15:32
For a long time, climate scientists have struggled to link extreme weather events to climate change. This has changed. The science of weather event attribution is now beginning to show the true costs and impacts that human-caused climate change is having today. This fast-growing body of research aims to disentangle the various drivers of extreme weather events from human-induced climate change and the best assessments can provide valuable information in insuring against loss and damage, funding adaptation measures, and litigating against polluters.
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Insight into past--and future--of Western US wildfires

27. Juuni 2022 - 3:02
A new study examines the context surrounding the fires and offers insight into the historical role of large, high-severity fires -- and the future of wildfires -- west of the Cascades.
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Methods from weather forecasting can be adapted to assess risk of COVID-19 exposure

23. Juuni 2022 - 23:43
Engineers can adapt weather forecasting models to give individuals a personalized assessment of their risk of exposure to COVID-19 or other diseases.
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Global warming is threatening the health of people in Britain

16. Juuni 2022 - 17:19
Heatwaves are making more people in rural areas of England severely ill today than they were in the 1980s, according to new research.
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