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'Fire inversions' lock smoke in valleys

12. September 2019 - 20:43
There's an atmospheric feedback loop, says an atmospheric scientist, that can lock smoke in valleys in much the same way that temperature inversions lock the smog and gunk in the Salt Lake Valley each winter. But understanding this loop can help scientists predict how smoke will impact air quality in valleys, hopefully helping both residents and firefighters alike.
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The danger of heat and cold across Australia

11. September 2019 - 19:19
Cold temperatures are not nearly as deadly as heat, with around 2% of all deaths in Australia related to heat, according to new research.
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'Planting water' is possible -- against aridity and droughts

11. September 2019 - 17:16
Scientists have developed a mathematical model that can reflect the complex interplays between vegetation, soil and water regimes. They show, for example, that in beech forests water is increasingly cycled between soil and vegetation to increase evaporation to the atmosphere, while grass cover promotes groundwater recharge.
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Satellite data record shows climate change's impact on fires

10. September 2019 - 22:46
While every fire needs a spark to ignite and fuel to burn, it's the hot and dry conditions in the atmosphere that determine the likelihood of a fire starting, its intensity and the speed at which it spreads. Over the past several decades, as the world has increasingly warmed, so has its potential to burn.
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New volcanic eruption forecasting technique

10. September 2019 - 16:54
Volcanic eruptions and their ash clouds pose a significant hazard to population centers and air travel, especially those that show few to no signs of unrest beforehand. Geologists are now using a technique traditionally used in weather and climate forecasting to develop new eruption forecasting models. By testing if the models are able to capture the likelihood of past eruptions, the researchers are making strides in the science of volcanic forecasting.
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The danger of heat and cold across Australia

10. September 2019 - 16:54
Cold temperatures are not nearly as deadly as heat, with around 2% of all deaths in Australia related to heat, according to new research.
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Extreme weather events linked to poor mental health

5. September 2019 - 15:01
People with homes damaged by extreme weather events are more likely to experience mental health issues such as depression and anxiety even when the damage is relatively minor and does not force them to leave their homes, a new study suggests.
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Underwater soundscapes reveal differences in marine environments

4. September 2019 - 22:39
Storms, boat traffic, animal noises and more contribute to the underwater sound environment in the ocean, even in areas considered protected.
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Deep snow cover in the Arctic region intensifies heat waves in Eurasia

30. August 2019 - 18:28
Variations in the depth of snow cover in the Arctic region from late winter to spring determines the summer temperature pattern in Eurasia, according to new research. In particular, deeper-than-usual snow cover in Western Russia enhanced the likelihood of summer heat waves in Europe and Northeast Asia in recent years.
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Bacteria feeding on Arctic algae blooms can seed clouds

29. August 2019 - 18:54
New research finds Arctic Ocean currents and storms are moving bacteria from ocean algae blooms into the atmosphere where the particles help clouds form. These particles, which are biological in origin, can affect weather patterns throughout the world, according to the new study.
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Europe warming faster than expected due to climate change

28. August 2019 - 17:05
Climate change is increasing the number of days of extreme heat and decreasing the number of days of extreme cold in Europe, posing a risk for residents in the coming decades, according to a new study.
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Scientists call for infiltration to be better incorporated into land surface models

28. August 2019 - 15:05
Soil scientists can't possibly be everywhere at once to study every bit of soil across the planet. Plus, soils are constantly changing.
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Using artificial intelligence to track birds' dark-of-night migrations

28. August 2019 - 15:05
Researchers have unveiled a machine learning system called 'MistNet' to extract bird data from the radar record and to take advantage of the treasure trove of bird migration information in the decades-long radar data archives.
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Positives of climate change? Agricultural, economic possibilities for West Virginia

27. August 2019 - 19:35
Researchers found that, between 1900 and 2016, maximum temperatures in West Virginia trended downward, average minimum temperatures ascended and annual precipitation increased. Even so, he predicts future climates in West Virginia will be more conducive to agricultural production.
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Chipping away at how ice forms could keep windshields, power lines ice-free

27. August 2019 - 15:47
How does ice form? Surprisingly, science hasn't fully answered that question. But researchers today will explain their finding that the arrangements that surface atoms impose on water molecules are the key. Their work has implications for preventing ice formation on windshields, ships and power lines, and for improving weather prediction.
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Rising summer heat could soon endanger travelers on annual Muslim pilgrimage

22. August 2019 - 17:38
Over two million Muslim travelers just finished the annual religious pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, traveling during some of the country's hottest weather. New research finds pilgrims in future summers may have to endure heat and humidity extreme enough to endanger their health.
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Ocean temperatures turbocharge April tornadoes over Great Plains region

21. August 2019 - 21:27
Do climate shifts influence tornados over North America? New research found that Pacific and Atlantic ocean temperatures in April can influence large-scale weather patterns as well as the frequency of tornadoes over the Great Plains region.
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Forecasting dusty conditions months in advance

21. August 2019 - 18:50
A researcher has developed an advanced technique for forecasting dusty conditions months before they occur, promising transportation managers, climatologists and people suffering health issues much more time to prepare for dusty conditions.
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Hurricanes drive the evolution of more aggressive spiders

20. August 2019 - 15:18
Researchers who rush in after storms to study the behavior of spiders have found that extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones may have an evolutionary impact on populations living in storm-prone regions, where aggressive spiders have the best odds of survival.
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Facial recognition technique could improve hail forecasts

19. August 2019 - 15:24
The same artificial intelligence technique typically used in facial recognition systems could help improve prediction of hailstorms and their severity, according to a new study.
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