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All about weather. Learn how meteorologists forecast the weather and why some weather systems are hard to predict.
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Scientists expose the cold heart of landfalling hurricanes

14. Juuni 2021 - 20:12
Fearsome and powerful, hurricanes can wreak massive destruction when they hit land. But while most hurricanes then weaken, others can strengthen again into extratropical cyclones and caused further damage inland. Now, researchers have used simulations to uncover the presence of a cold core inside decaying hurricanes - an unexpected discovery that could help forecasters predict the level of extreme weather that communities farther inland may face.
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Ocean microplastics: First global view shows seasonal changes and sources

10. Juuni 2021 - 23:23
An estimated 8 million tons of plastic trash enters the ocean each year, and most of it is battered by sun and waves into microplastics -- tiny flecks that can ride currents hundreds or thousands of miles from their point of entry.
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Study of Hurricane Harvey flooding aids in quantifying climate change

10. Juuni 2021 - 20:56
Researchers used a hydraulic model to consider the degree to which human-caused climate change may have affected flooding in Houston in 2017 during Hurricane Harvey. Resources were used to quantify the increase in Houston flood area and depth and to host a portal where other scientists and the public can access and explore the resulting data.
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Improved climate resilience through better seasonal forecasts

10. Juuni 2021 - 20:56
Lack of water, floods, or crop losses: As a result of climate change, pronounced periods of drought and rainfall are causing human suffering and major economic damage. Precise seasonal forecasts can help to mitigate these consequences. A research team has now been able to improve global forecasts using statistical methods so that they can be used on the regional level.
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The rocky road to accurate sea-level predictions

10. Juuni 2021 - 20:56
The type of material present under glaciers has a big impact on how fast they slide towards the ocean. Scientists face a challenging task to acquire data of this under-ice landscape. Choosing the wrong equations for the under-ice landscape can have the same effect on the predicted contribution to sea-level rise as a warming of several degrees, according to researchers.
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Warmer temperatures lessen COVID-19 spread, but control measures still needed, study finds

9. Juuni 2021 - 18:55
New research shows transmission of the virus behind COVID-19 varies seasonally, but warmer conditions are not enough to prevent transmission.
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Corals' natural 'sunscreen' may help them weather climate change

9. Juuni 2021 - 18:55
Scientists are one step closer to understanding why some corals can weather climate change better than others, and the secret could be in a specific protein that produces a natural sunscreen.
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Turning off lights can save migrating birds from crashing into buildings

7. Juuni 2021 - 23:12
Forty years of data came together to show just how many birds can be saved by buildings turning their lights off. Using decades' worth of data and birds, researchers found that on nights when half the windows were darkened, there were 11 times fewer bird collisions during spring migration and 6 times fewer collisions during fall migration than when all the windows were lit.
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Conserving coastal seaweed: A must have for migrating sea birds

7. Juuni 2021 - 23:11
Ecologists are urging coastal communities to embrace all that the season brings, including the sometimes-unwelcome deposits of brown seaweed that can accumulate on the southern shores.
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Arctic sea ice thinning faster than expected

4. Juuni 2021 - 3:10
Sea ice thickness is inferred by measuring the height of the ice above the water, and this measurement is distorted by snow weighing the ice floe down. Scientists adjust for this using a map of snow depth in the Arctic that is decades out of date. In the new study, researchers swapped this map for the results of a new computer model designed to estimate snow depth as it varies year to year.
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Which way does the solar wind blow?

4. Juuni 2021 - 0:12
High performance computers are central to the quest to understand the sun's behavior and its role in space weather events. Scientists are using the Frontera supercomputer to improve the state-of-the-art in space weather forecasting. Researchers described the role of backstreaming pickup ions in the acceleration of charged particles in the universe, which play an important role in space weather.
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Are wind farms slowing each other down?

4. Juuni 2021 - 0:12
Many countries promote the expansion of wind farms. However, if these offshore wind farms are set up close to each other, wind energy and hence electricity yield is reduced. A study shows that the losses with increasing offshore wind energy production will be considerable and detectable as large scale pattern of reduced wind speed around wind farms.
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Polar vortex, winter heat may change bird populations

3. Juuni 2021 - 23:58
Researchers set out to learn how extreme winter cold and heat affected 41 common bird species in eastern North America. They found that individual bird species respond differently to these weather events, and extreme winter heat may lead to longer-term changes in bird populations.
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Record-breaking temperatures more likely in populated tropics

3. Juuni 2021 - 0:06
New research shows that most extreme heat events are going to occur in the tropics rather than the poles.
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Less aviation during the global lockdown had a positive impact on the climate, study finds

2. Juuni 2021 - 20:03
High levels of aviation drive global warming, not only through greenhouse gas emissions, but also through additional clouds, researchers conclude in a new study.
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Californian smoke drifted as far as Europe in 2020 and caused heavy clouding of sun

1. Juuni 2021 - 19:18
The smoke from the extreme forest fires on the US West Coast in September 2020 travelled over many thousands of kilometers to Central Europe, where it continued to affect the atmosphere for days afterwards. A comparison of ground and satellite measurements now shows: The forest fire aerosol disturbed the free troposphere over Leipzig in Germany as never before.
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Newly discovered African 'climate seesaw' drove human evolution

31. Mai 2021 - 22:32
A scientific consortium has found that ancient El Niño-like weather patterns were the primary drivers of environmental change in sub-Saharan Africa over the last 620 thousand years - the critical time-frame for the evolution of our species. The group found that these ancient weather patterns had more profound impacts in sub-Saharan Africa than glacial-interglacial cycles more commonly linked to human evolution.
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Global warming already responsible for one in three heat-related deaths

31. Mai 2021 - 19:09
Between 1991 and 2018, more than a third of all deaths in which heat played a role were attributable to human-induced global warming, according to a new article.
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Record-shattering 2020 trans-Atlantic dust storm

26. Mai 2021 - 18:55
Researchers parsing the mechanism that in June 2020 transported a massive dust plume from Saharan Africa to the Caribbean and U.S. Gulf Coast.
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Swifts set new record for swiftness

20. Mai 2021 - 20:39
Swifts aren't called 'swifts' for nothing. They're known for being among the fastest migrating small birds around. When they aren't breeding, common swifts stay in the air most of the time -- up to 10 months of the year. Scientists had thought they travel about 500 kilometers per day on average. Now, new evidence shows that's a conservative estimate.
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