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In Antarctic dry valleys, early signs of climate change-induced shifts in soil

ScienceDaily - 6. Jaanuar 2018 - 17:34
In a study spanning two decades, a team of researchers found declining numbers of soil fauna, nematodes and other animal species in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, one of the world's driest and coldest deserts.
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Major rainfall in parts of southern France on Sunday and Monday, local flooding likely

Severe Weather Europe - 6. Jaanuar 2018 - 15:40
A significant round of rainfall is expected over parts of southern France over the weekend, under the influence of the cutoff upper low over the W Mediterranean. Various models agree on large amounts of rainfall, locally over 100-200 mm / 48 hrs. Local flooding is likely! The persistent cutoff upper low will cause strong warm air advection with southerlies and southeasterlies from the western Mediterranean, producing strong orographic and partly convective rainfall. The persistent rainfall episode begins on Sunday and lasts until early Tuesday. Maximum amounts are expected in the vicinity of Montpellier, with models indicating 100-200 mm of rainfall by late on Monday, possibly even more. Significant local flooding is likely! Precipitation totals by late on Monday. ARPEGE model
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Making solar energy more efficient

ScienceDaily - 5. Jaanuar 2018 - 15:23
Researchers have demonstrated methods of optimizing the capture of sunlight.
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A new round of intense snowfall for the western Alps

Severe Weather Europe - 5. Jaanuar 2018 - 14:37
The western Alps are in for yet another round of intense snowfall. Strong warm air advection resulting from the deep cutoff upper low over the western Mediterranean will produce several days of very strong snowfall at higher elevations in the western Alps. Locally up to 1.5 m of snowfall may be expected by Tuesday. The cutoff low that will form over the Iberian peninsula over the next two days will slowly move eastwards across the western Mediterranean during the first days of next week. Intense advection of warm and moist air from the Mediterranean, combined with strong orographic lift will result in intense snowfall along the higher elevations of the SW flank of the Alps. Current model guidance indicates generally
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Significant snowfall and locally thunderstorms over the Iberian peninsula this weekend

Severe Weather Europe - 5. Jaanuar 2018 - 13:31
A strong cutoff upper low establishes over the Iberian peninsula and western Mediterranean this weekend. It brings colder and more unsettled weather to the region, with heavy rainfall and snowfall as well as some thunderstorms. Strong precipitation, mostly rainfall at lower elevations, begins today as the cold front passes across the peninsula. Peak totals are expected over northern and northeastern Spain, where high-resolution models indicate up to 70-130 mm of precipitation (rainfall or equivalent snowfall), locally possibly more. At higher elevations, up to 50-60 cm of snow is expected, although most areas will receive significantly more, up to to about 10-20 cm. The snow limit will be at 2000+ m ahead of the cold front, but will rapidly drop throughout
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Pattern change and a strong rex block over W Europe over the next several days

Severe Weather Europe - 5. Jaanuar 2018 - 11:35
The progressive pattern with numerous successive lows over western and central Europe gives way to one last major trough pushing into W Europe and forming a powerful rex block during the weekend and early next week. A deep trough advances across the eastern Atlantic over the Iberian Peninsula today, with its associated frontal system producing quite significant amounts of precipitation. A cutoff upper low forms over the region by mid-Saturday, centered over the central Iberian Peninsula. Persistent precipitation is expected to produce to 30-50 mm rainfall (or corresponding snow) and up to 100-150 mm in the extreme N-NE of the country by the end of the weekend. Thunderstorms may be expected along the frontal system as it moves across the
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Intense Nor’easter cyclone affects the US East Coast with blizzards and coastal flooding – reports

Severe Weather Europe - 5. Jaanuar 2018 - 8:21
STORM SURGE advances on Salem, MA lighthouse during high tide, with feet of coastal flood waters and massive chunks of ice covering the entire pier in a matter of minutes. Now, flood waters left behind are freezing as storm moves northeast. #Blizzard2018 @breakingweather pic.twitter.com/XxO0VMpLzF — Reed Timmer (@ReedTimmerAccu) 5 January 2018 It appears the storm has made "landfall" near Saint John, New Brunswick. Balmy 50F in central Nova Scotia in the warm sector #blizzard2018 pic.twitter.com/nScIvYpR5W — Reed Timmer (@ReedTimmerAccu) 5 January 2018 WOW. Look at the flooding in Scituate. We're following this situation in several towns — right now on #WBZ. pic.twitter.com/5EKDiDvw3R — Liam Martin (@LiamWBZ) 4 January 2018 #WBZ viewer pic of flooding in Hampton, NH pic.twitter.com/fxiiyB1Dh0 — Danielle
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Powerful Nor’easter winter storm will brush across the US east coast tonight!

Severe Weather Europe - 4. Jaanuar 2018 - 21:13
A rather classic but a very impressive winter storm – a so-called Nor’easter is moving along the US east coast today and is bringing powerful winds along the coastal areas as well as intense snow blizzard conditions inland across the NE states. Currently at a mature stage, the cyclone has already deepened below 960 mb, very low for any winter storm! The name Nor’easter comes from the direction of the strongest winds, northeast to southwest in the NW quadrant of the cyclone, where blizzard conditions occur. A Nor’easter develops when deep troughs from the Arctic travel across eastern Canada and advect very cold airmass onto the Atlantic along the east coast, where the main channel of Gulf Stream is located.
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Is Arctic warming influencing the UK's extreme weather?

ScienceDaily - 4. Jaanuar 2018 - 19:03
Severe snowy weather in winter or extreme rains in summer in the UK might be influenced by warming trends in the Arctic, according to climate scientists in the US and the UK.
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Researchers use 'global thermometer' to track temperature extremes, droughts

ScienceDaily - 3. Jaanuar 2018 - 19:30
Large areas of Earth's surface are experiencing rising maximum temperatures, which affect virtually every ecosystem on the planet, including ice sheets and tropical forests that play major roles in regulating the biosphere, scientists have reported.
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New report calls for research to better understand, predict Gulf of Mexico's loop current system

ScienceDaily - 3. Jaanuar 2018 - 18:14
A new report calls for an international, multi-institutional comprehensive campaign of research, observation, and analysis activities that would help improve understanding and prediction of the Gulf of Mexico's Loop Current System (LCS). The position, strength, and structure of the LCS -- the dominant ocean circulation feature in the Gulf -- has major implications for oil and gas operations, hurricane intensity, coastal ecosystems, oil spill response, the fishing industry, tourism, and the region's economy.
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