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Update on the Arctic airmass outbreak across Europe this weekend

Severe Weather Europe - 16. Märts 2018 - 18:00
Latest updates on the beginning Arctic outbreak this weekend: very cold airmass is already pushing south and west from Scandinavia and extreme NE Europe into northern parts of central Europe. Latest updates on the beginning Arctic outbreak this weekend: very cold airmass is already pushing south and west from Scandinavia and extreme NE Europe into northern parts of central Europe. Latest GFS model guidance for Saturday, March 17th indicates the belt of cold airmass, with temperatures more than 10 °C lower than average for this time, stretching across most of northern parts of eastern Europe across central into western Europe, pushing over the British Isles. By mid-Sunday, March 18th the cold airmass pushes south into central and eastern Europe (as
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Exceptionally large amount of winter snow in Northern Hemisphere this year

ScienceDaily - 14. Märts 2018 - 15:27
The new Arctic Now product shows with one picture the extent of the area in the Northern Hemisphere currently covered by ice and snow. This kind of information, which shows the accurate state of the Arctic, becomes increasingly important due to climate change.
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Chain reaction of fast-draining lakes poses new risk for Greenland ice sheet

ScienceDaily - 14. Märts 2018 - 15:23
A growing network of lakes on the Greenland ice sheet has been found to drain in a chain reaction that speeds up the flow of the ice sheet, threatening its stability.
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Updates on the upcoming Arctic outbreak this weekend

Severe Weather Europe - 14. Märts 2018 - 12:17
Latest updates on the upcoming significant Arctic outbreak this weekend; various models are in a good agreement on the widespread cold airmass advection later this week, starting on late Friday across NE Europe and spreading further WSW over the weekend. Below is the GFS model map for Saturday afternoon, March 17th, when the cold airmass will already be spreading across parts of central Europe, reaching Germany and northern Alpine region in the afternoon hours. Notice the strong warm advection across the Balkan peninsula ahead of an associated deep trough / cyclone located over the northern Mediterranean at that time. This cyclone will bring excessive rainfall into N Italy and NW Balkan countries on Fri/Sat timefram,e before precipitation turn into snow
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Damaging tornado in Caserta, southern Italy last night – March 12, 2018

Severe Weather Europe - 13. Märts 2018 - 19:38
A damaging tornado hit the vicinity of Caserta in Campania, southern Italy last night. Significant damage has been reported, as well as at least 15 injuries. Affected areas include San Nicola la Strada, Marcianise, Capodrise, Recale, Portico and Macerata. Reported damage includes damaged roofs on buildings, uprooted trees and overturned cars and larger vehicles. While it is still early in the season, Italy is no stranger to tornadoes. In the past several years it has experienced wedge tornadoes and tornadoes as strong as F4. Italy may also hold the record for the strongest tornado in Europe. MAJOR tornado reported in Caserta, Campania, S Italy this evening, March 12! Report: Caserta News pic.twitter.com/hG7zRxsMWm — severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) 12 March 2018 Another video
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Warm Arctic means colder, snowier winters in northeastern US, study says

ScienceDaily - 13. Märts 2018 - 19:06
Scientists have linked the frequency of extreme winter weather in the United States to Arctic temperatures.
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Another cold outbreak across Europe next week

Severe Weather Europe - 13. Märts 2018 - 11:38
Latest runs of global models are confirming the arrival of winter weather and the cold outbreak across much of Europe next week, a complete pattern flip is more or less confirmed. Very cold daily temperatures and locally snow are expected as well. The pattern change will establish a blocking ridge across the Arctic region which then gradually expands onto N Atlantic and establishes meridional flow from the NNE parts of our continent towards south. An intense cold advection will push south towards central Europe and Mediterranean, starting Saturday, March 17th and continue into next week. Temmperatures are likely to be even 10°C or more colder than the long term average for mid March locally, even with near or below freezing
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First-annual sea-level report cards

ScienceDaily - 12. Märts 2018 - 21:54
Researchers are launching new web-based 'report cards' to monitor and forecast changes in sea level at 32 localities along the US coastline from Maine to Alaska. They plan to update the report cards in January of each year, with projections out to the year 2050.
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Week 21 (May 22-28) Contest Winners

Severe Weather Europe - 12. Märts 2018 - 9:39
The WINNER among the 22 entries in Week 21 is: 1. place – WINNER: Martin Schunack – 110 votes “Power of Nature… Swabian Alb, South West Germany” by Martin Schunack. 2. place: Michiel Baatsen – 77 votes “Great sunset storm just south of Kermit, TX yesterday, 22 May 2017” by Michiel Baatsen. 3. place: Stavros Kesedakis – 75 votes “Late evening Supercell with crazy lightning. Manchester Kansas May 18th 2017” by Stavros Kesedakis. 4. place: Nikola Pavlovic – 50 votes “Sunset colors and developing wall cloud, Buffalo SD, 8/9/2016” by Nikola Pavlovic. 5. place: Anže Polovšak‎ – 42 votes “Velenje, Slovenia. 22.5.2017, 21:50h” by Anže Polovšak‎. 6. place: Dantex Tex – 31 votes “Storm over Monfalcone-Italy… is a supercell?🤔…beautiful cloud
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Week 20 (May 15-21) Contest Winners

Severe Weather Europe - 11. Märts 2018 - 22:41
Week 20 (May 15-21) Contest Winners The WINNER among the 23 entries in Week 20 is: 1. place – WINNER: Boris Jordan‎ – 147 votes “Beast Approaching – Approaching HP-Supercell on 19.05.2017 near Karsdorf (Saxony-Anhalt) west of Leipzig” by Boris Jordan. 2. place: Steve Cutajar – 65 votes “Beautiful back-building storm that hit Malta on the 30th October 2015. Plenty of CG lighting and well…just an amazing show to watch. Must have been a close call for that ship!” by Steve Cutajar. 3. place: Menno van der Haven – 52 votes “This slow moving storm from 18 may 2008 produced dangerous -cloud-to-ground-lightning near the city of Tirgu Mures, Romania. Several CG’s struck almost in the same place time after time,
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New 3-D measurements improve understanding of geomagnetic storm hazards

ScienceDaily - 8. Märts 2018 - 20:33
Measurements of the three-dimensional structure of Earth, as opposed to the one-dimensional models typically used, can help scientists more accurately determine which areas of the United States are most vulnerable to blackouts during hazardous geomagnetic storms.
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Scientists accurately model the action of aerosols on clouds

ScienceDaily - 8. Märts 2018 - 17:51
Global climate is a tremendously complex phenomenon, and researchers are making painstaking progress, year by year, to try to develop ever more accurate models. Now, an international group using the powerful K computer, have for the first time accurately calculated the effects of aerosols on clouds in a climate model.
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Storm season returns: hailstorms across France, Italy and the Balkans

Severe Weather Europe - 8. Märts 2018 - 14:18
Storm season returns: a number of hailstorms hit France, Italy and the western Balkans on March 6 and 7. Thunderstorms developed across the region under the effects of a broad area of low pressure with several lows embedded within it. France Hailstorm in Perpignan, France, March 6 (video 2). Report: Maryne Roye Pechin pic.twitter.com/R7vNqtKhNw — severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) 8 March 2018 Hailstorm in Perpignan, France, March 6. Report: Maryne Roye Pechin pic.twitter.com/e5TrL7Rggo — severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) 8 March 2018 Italy A pretty strong hailstorm for this early in the season hit Crotona, Tuscany, N-CNTRL Italy, March 7. Some hailstones probably at marginally large limit (2 cm). Report: Greenhousecortona pic.twitter.com/TsxrE246CF — severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) 8 March 2018 Bosnia and Herzegovina Large accumulations of small
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Weather satellites aid search and rescue capabilities

ScienceDaily - 7. Märts 2018 - 18:55
The same satellites that identify severe weather can help save you from it. NOAA's GOES series satellites carry a payload supported by NASA's Search and Rescue (SAR) office, which researches and develops technologies to help first responders locate people in distress worldwide, whether from a plane crash, a boating accident or other emergencies.
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Wildfires set to increase: could we be sitting on a tinderbox in Europe?

ScienceDaily - 7. Märts 2018 - 17:07
2017 was one of the worst years on record for fires in Europe, with over 800,000 hectares of land burnt in Portugal, Italy and Spain alone.
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Snowpack levels show dramatic decline in western states, U.S.

ScienceDaily - 2. Märts 2018 - 19:48
A new study of long-term snow monitoring sites in the western United States found declines in snowpack at more than 90 percent of those sites -- and one-third of the declines were deemed significant.
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No laughing matter, yet humor inspires climate change activism

ScienceDaily - 1. Märts 2018 - 22:15
Melting icecaps, mass flooding, megadroughts and erratic weather are no laughing matter. However, a new study shows that humor can be an effective means to inspire young people to pursue climate change activism. At the same time, fear proves to be an equally effective motivator and has the added advantage of increasing people's awareness of climate change's risks.
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Wind and solar power could meet four-fifths of US electricity demand, study finds

ScienceDaily - 27. Veebruar 2018 - 18:16
The United States could reliably meet about 80 percent of its electricity demand with solar and wind power generation, according to scientists.
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New understanding of ocean turbulence could improve climate models

ScienceDaily - 26. Veebruar 2018 - 22:26
Researchers have developed a new statistical understanding of how turbulent flows called mesoscale eddies dissipate their energy, which could be helpful in creating better ocean and climate models.
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Weather should remain predictable despite climate change

ScienceDaily - 22. Veebruar 2018 - 20:34
New research suggests that even as rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere drive the climate toward warmer temperatures, the weather will remain predictable.
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