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Pattern flip and warmer weather over northern, northwestern and parts of central Europe over the next few days

Severe Weather Europe - 18. Detsember 2017 - 11:50
A period of warmer weather is coming for northern, central and western and parts of central Europe over the next few days, as a rex blocking pattern establishes over Europe. 500 mb height anomaly over Europe midday today, December 18. A strong anticyclone is centered over NW Europe, while a cutoff low us positioned over the southern Balkans. Map by www.pivotalweather.com Daytime highs will be climbing higher over the next several days across northern and northwestern Europe. Northern Germany and Denmark and southern Sweden and Norway will likely climb close to 10 °C by the second half of the week. UK and Ireland will likely go above 10 °C, with some areas possibly pushing towards 15 °C, particularly in southern
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Effects of climate change could accelerate by mid-century

ScienceDaily - 14. Detsember 2017 - 21:45
Environmental models are showing that the effects of climate change could be much stronger by the middle of the 21st century, and a number of ecosystem and weather conditions could consistently decline even more in the future.
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That Feeling in Your Bones

ScienceDaily - 14. Detsember 2017 - 17:16
Rainy weather has long been blamed for achy joints and back pain. Past research has yielded mixed results. New analysis tracking visits to the doctor with daily rainfall found no relationship between the two.
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High-resolution climate models present alarming new projections for US

ScienceDaily - 13. Detsember 2017 - 21:36
Approaching the second half of the century, the United States is likely to experience increases in the number of days with extreme heat, the frequency and duration of heat waves, and the length of the growing season. In response, it is anticipated that societal, agricultural and ecological needs will increase the demand on already-strained natural resources like water and energy.
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Human-caused warming likely intensified Hurricane Harvey's rains

ScienceDaily - 13. Detsember 2017 - 17:49
New research shows human-induced climate change increased the amount and intensity of Hurricane Harvey's unprecedented rainfall.
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A global north-to-south shift in wind power by end of century

ScienceDaily - 11. Detsember 2017 - 19:04
Wind resources in the next century may decrease in many regions in the Northern Hemisphere -- and could sharply increase in several hotspot regions down south.
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Exceptionally deep cyclone Ana/Yves hits W France this morning – winds over 160 km/h reported!

Severe Weather Europe - 11. Detsember 2017 - 9:48
Exceptional view of the very deep cyclone Ana/Yves currently over NW France! Central mean sea level pressure has dropped all the way to 965 mbar, a very deep system for so far south! Slender wisps of clouds wrapping around the core of the system suggest evaporational cooling in the area and sinking of air, enhancing maximum winds. Peak winds of 161 km/h have been reported in western Pays de la loire and Pointou-Charentes (station Ile de Ré – Saint-Clément-des-Baleines (17))! Exceptional satellite view of the deep cyclone over W France this morning! Note the wispy cloud structure wrapping around the southern part of the core, suggesting evaporational cooling in the area and sinking of air, enhancing maximum winds. Image: EUMETSAT.
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Extremely heavy precipitation over parts of the Alps, northern Apennines and northern Dinarides over the next 48-72 hours

Severe Weather Europe - 10. Detsember 2017 - 23:38
Strong warm air advection with southerlies and southwesterlies, caused by successive deep lows over central Europe will cause intense precipitation along the southern and western flanks of the Alps, the northern Apennines and the northern Dinarides over the next 48-72 hours. Rainfall totals (or equivalent in snow at higher elevations) of over 300 mm are possible. ICON-EU model guidance for total precipitation across the Alpine region and the northern Mediterrnean by early Wednesday. Map: Wxcharts.eu The strongest precipitation is expected over parts of NE Italy, W Slovenia and NW Croatia. High-resolution models suggest up to 250-350 mm of rainfall across the Liguria, S Piemonte, N Tuscany and W Emilia Romagna. Locally significant flash flooding is expected. Expect mostly rainfall, some
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Extremely strong southwesterlies and Foehn effect across the Alps on Monday

Severe Weather Europe - 10. Detsember 2017 - 21:26
The series of successive deep lows over central Europe today and through Tuesday will result in a very steep pressure gradient between central Europe and the Mediterranean. It will result in unusually strong southwesterly winds and strong warm air advection from the Mediterranean into the Alps. Additionally, strong Foehn effect will further raise the air temperature along the northern Alpine flanks. ICON-EU model guidance for peak wind gusts at 850 mbar level (1500 m) across the Alpine region on Monday. Map: Wxcharts.eu Intense southwesterlies are likely to gust well above 150 km/h across higher elevations of in central and eastern Alps, with many locations likely approaching 200 km/h, possibly even exceeding it. Winds are expected to strengthen throughout the remainder
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Deep low and another round of snow for central Europe today

Severe Weather Europe - 10. Detsember 2017 - 12:48
A considerably deep low is making its way across the northern parts of central Europe. It brings windy weather and another round of snow to the region. GFS model guidance for wind and mean sea level pressure on Sunday late afternoon. Map: Pivotal Weather The low will move across the English Channel over the coast of Belgium into the Netherands and across northern Germany throughout the day today and early tomorrow. Central mean sea level pressure is expected to be below 980 mbar. Expect windy weather across the English channel, extreme north of France, northern Belgium and western Netherlands with winds gusting up to 90-110 km/h. ARPEGE model guidance for peak wind gusts across central Europe on Sunday. Map: Wxcharts.eu
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Major snowfall in Ireland and parts of UK on Sunday

Severe Weather Europe - 9. Detsember 2017 - 22:30
Rapid deep cyclogenesis will take place during the night and tomorrow over Ireland and the British Isles. Cold mid levels will combine with strong advection of humid low-level airmass, resulting in significant snowfall across parts of Ireland and the UK. Various models are in very good agreement for snowfall across Ireland as well as Wales and central England. GFS model, map by www.wxcharts.eu Up to 10-15 cm of snowfall seems likely for parts of central Ireland. Wales will see up to 15-25 cm of snow, locally possibly more. Central England will likely see up to 10 cm snow. Depending on the track of the low, some snow may fall also in southern England, as far south as Somerse, Wilthire, northern
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Marine mammal beachings not likely due to space weather

ScienceDaily - 8. Detsember 2017 - 18:35
After a collaboration between NASA scientists and marine biologists, new research rules out space weather as a primary cause of animal beachings.
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Very deep trough over western Europe, significant warming into central Europe and Balkan peninsula on Monday

Severe Weather Europe - 8. Detsember 2017 - 18:31
An extremely dynamic pattern is evolving over Europe this weekend as a very deep upper trough / low has established over northern Europe. Further development of the pattern suggests an additional deepening of the trough while it spreads towards western and central Europe. Its core will be exceptionally deep as can be seen on the map below, meanwhile a strengthening upper ridge will evolve across SE Europe and the Balkan peninsula. In between, a sharp pressure and temperature gradient will result in a very powerful jet stream with strong warm air advection from the Mediterranean region well north into central Europe and towards the eastern Europe. Keep in mind that this sharp flip comes just a day after the very
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A good amount of snow for United Kingdom until Monday, Dec 11th

Severe Weather Europe - 8. Detsember 2017 - 18:11
An interesting weather pattern is shaping up for the western Europe where a very deep trough currently sitting over N Europe will be spreading south towards central Europe and another trough will be pushed across far N Atlantic towards the western Europe. As a result of merging troughs, a large and deep cyclone will form over the British Isles on Sunday and gradually move towards Benelux on Monday. Conditions will be favorable for quite some good amounts of snow also over parts of UK, Ireland and Scotland as mid-levels will be significantly cooler than lately and indeed well below zero degrees Celsius, while the humid airmass associated with deepening cyclone will be entering from the SW. This will result in
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Significant frontal system with lots of snow over Alpine region this weekend

Severe Weather Europe - 8. Detsember 2017 - 17:22
Central Europe and Alpine region are in for another deep trough and significant cold blast passage this weekend as a sharp cold front is expected to cross the region tonight, bringing a lot of fresh by tomorrow afternoon snow especially for parts of Slovenia and Croatia. The deep trough is a result of blocked N Atlantic and so meridional flow has established across Europe, meaning colder weather and deep troughs from the Arctic region towards the Mediterranean and Balkan peninsula. This same trough which is digging towards south today, has resulted in apowerful windstorm over Scotland and Faroe Islands yesterday and dumped a lot of snow and rain over the WSW Scandinavia. 500 mb heights anomaly on tonight, Saturday Dec
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Controlled burns limited severity of Rim Fire

ScienceDaily - 8. Detsember 2017 - 16:55
Controlled burning of forestland helped limit the severity of one of California's largest wildfires, according to geographers.
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Storm Caroline hits Scotland, Norway and Faroe Islands with winds up to hurricane force winds

Severe Weather Europe - 8. Detsember 2017 - 13:25
Cyclone Caroline underwent explosive cyclogenesis early on Thursday, rapidly deepening to a 963 mbar central pressure at 10h UTC on December 7. Parts of Scotland, Faroe Islands and SW Norway were hit with up to hurricane force winds. Morning (Dec 7, 9:15 UTC) analysis of cyclone Carolina [by Guido Cioni]. The system underwent explosive cyclogenesis dropping from 982 mbar at 15h UTC on Dec 6 to 965 mbar at 6h UTC on Dec 7 – a drop of 17 mbar in 15h, true bombogenesis, as reported by Centre Meteo UQAM. The center of the cyclone moved just north of Scotland during the late morning and early afternoon hours of December 7, with central pressure hovering around 963-965 mbar. Peak wind
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New mapping technique can help fight extreme poverty

ScienceDaily - 8. Detsember 2017 - 1:25
A new mapping technique shows how researchers are developing computational tools that combine cellphone records with data from satellites and geographic information systems to create timely and incredibly detailed poverty maps. Unlike surveys or censuses, which can take years and cost millions of dollars, these maps can be generated quickly and cost-efficiently.
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One wet winter can shake up San Francisco Bay's invasive species

ScienceDaily - 7. Detsember 2017 - 19:59
For many Californians, last year's wet winter triggered a case of whiplash. After five years of drought, rain from October 2016 to February 2017 broke more than a century of records. In San Francisco Bay, biologists discovered a hidden side effect: All that freshwater rain can turn the tables on some of the bay's invasive species.
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Lots of new snow for parts of Slovenia and Croatia, Switzerland and extreme SE France later this week – a first look

Severe Weather Europe - 7. Detsember 2017 - 2:43
A deep trough will push deep into central Europe and the Alpine area / northern Mediterranean on Friday. Strong snowfall is expected across the NW Alps in Switzerland and SE France. A Genoa low is expected to form on Saturday, producing another round of strong snowfall across the Alps and the Dinarides of western Slovenia and northwestern Croatia, extending into Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. ARPEGE model, map by www.wxcharts.eu Large amounts of fresh snow are expected over the NW Alps, up to 50 cm, locally more. Up to 20-50 cm snow is also expected over the Julian Alps and the Dinarides of W Slovenia and into NW Croatia. Thundersnow is possible across SW Slovenia and NW Croatia as up
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