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Powerful cold blast towards central Europe and Mediterranean later this weekend

9. November 2017 - 13:46
A developing pattern across Europe suggests there will be a significant cold blast (locally 5-8°C colder than average days) from north towards central Europe and Mediterranean, starting later this weekend when a sharp cold front will be pushed across the Alps towards Italy and W Balkan peninsula. A large pool of cold airmass will spread behind the front and should extend well south towards N Africa as well. Some snow is expected from the Alps across the W Balkan countries too, along with strong downslope winds with locally hurricane force wind gusts. Temperature anomaly across Europe. Map by Stay tuned for further updates!
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Excessive snowfall in SW Norway, locally more than 100 cm until Tuesday Nov 14th

9. November 2017 - 12:31
Impressive amounts of fresh snow are expected across the higher terrain of SW Norway through the next 4 days, until Tuesday Nov 14th. The current pattern suggests a deep trough and very deep cyclone will be situated almost stationary over the Norwegian sea, maintaining strong WSW mid-level flow across Norway which usually results in excessive orographic precipitation. With rather cold temperatures within the upper trough, conditions are favorable for snowfall across large area and the persistent flow should allow high snowfall sums. In particular for the higher terrain of SW Norway where some models are hinting at 100+ cm of fresh snow by Tuesday. Combined with strong winds, high snow drifts and dangerous driving conditions are expected as well. 4-day
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Major rainfall along the coast of Montenegro, Albania and NW Greece over the next 48 hrs!

7. November 2017 - 10:22
Latest high-res model gudiance indicates up to 100-150+ mm of rainfall along the coastal areas: the exact area of peak rainfall depends on the exact location of convective lines, however, the entire region is expected to receive major amounts of rainfall. Expect enhanced flash flooding threat! Maps:
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Major snowfal across the Alps over the weekend

4. November 2017 - 13:46
Major snowfall is expected over the weekend with the cutoff low progressing across the north-central Mediterranean. Much of the Alps will receive over 25 cm of fresh snow, with some areas receiving as much as 50-100 cm. In general snow limit will be at 1800-2000 m, dropping to 1500-1600 m in more intense snow showers, but will gradually drop (well) below 1000 m across most of the Alps, in particular across the northern half and northern flank. Total snowfall across the Alps in the next 72 hours. Map: Total snow accumulation across the Alps through mid-Monday. Map: Total snow accumulation across the Alps through mid-Monday. Map: Stay tuned for updates!
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Major rainfall across southern France tomorrow (Saturday, November 4)

3. November 2017 - 22:06
Major rainfall is expected for parts of southern France tomorrow, with cumulatives locally reaching 200 mm / 24h. Expect enhanced threat of major flash flooding. High-resolution ARPEGE model guidance for total rainfall in north-central Mediterranean until Sunday late morning. Map: The deep trough over the Iberian peninsula and western Europe transitions into a cutoff upper low over the weekend, affecting the western Mediterranean. A surface low will develop off the east coast of Spain and rapidly deepen while moving ENE towards the coast of S France. Ahead of the frontal line considerable instability will develop, with up to 1000-1500 J/kg MLCAPE indicated by various high-resolution models. Strong low level southerly winds coming onshore across S-SW France and undergoing forced
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Excessive rainfall for S Alpine flank (N Italy, W Slovenia) on Sunday Nov 5th

3. November 2017 - 12:47
A progressive pattern developing from western into central Europe this weekendn will bring a deep trough towards the northern Mediterranean where a transition of the trough into a deep upper low is expected over N Italy on Sunday. In response, classic but deep surface cyclone (Genoa low) will form and result in frontal system pushed towards the western Balkan peninsula. Such pattern usually brings strong warm and humid southerlies across the Ligurian and Adriatic sea, bringing a lot of moisture towards the southern Alpine flank. Persisting winds result in orographic rainfall and therefore high amounts of rain, as well as lots of snow in the higher elevations. With still rather warm Mediterranean sea, instability should build up and locally reach
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Anomalously warm Arctic and effect on sea ice extent

2. November 2017 - 18:03
A period of very warm weather is ahead for a large part of the Arctic, with local temperature anomaly reaching +20 °C or more. While this is an early trend that may well change during the winter, we take a look at current temperatures and sea ice extent in the Arctic and the effect the anomalously warm winter of 2016/2017 in the Arctic had on the sea ice extent. GFS model forecast for temperature anomaly across the Arctic region. Maps: Tropical Tidbits Currently the average (air) temperature in the Arctic region north of the 80th parallel is approximately 3 °C above the long term (1958-2002) average. Latest GFS model guidance suggests this trend will remain, and likely strengthen, over the
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Intense rainfall across southern France and northwest Italy in the next few days, local flooding expected

2. November 2017 - 11:50
Intense rainfall is expected in parts of southern France and northwest Italy in the next 3 days. Locally, cumulatives may exceed 200 mm and significant flooding is expected. A new strong trough will push from the northwest into western Europe and western Mediterranean. Persistent convective rainfall along the frontal line and locally training convective cells is expected. Stay tuned for more detils. High-resolution ARPEGE model guidance for total rainfall in north-central Mediterranean until Sunday eveing. Map:
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Extreme warming in the Arctic over the next 10 days

1. November 2017 - 22:41
Latest GFS model guidance indicates impressive warming in parts of the Arctic over the next 10 days, with temperature anomaly locally exceeding +20 °C, even approaching +30 °C. Locally temperature will be above 0 °C. Recall that the Arctic is now in polar night, with the Sun never rising for much of the region. Maps: Tropical Tidbits
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