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Week 13 (March 13-19, 2017) Contest Winners

18. September 2017 - 17:12
The WINNER among the 70 (!!) entries in Week 13 is: 1. place – WINNER: Marko Korošec – 159 votes “Epic shelf cloud over NE Italian plains, July 2014” by Marko Korošec. 2. place: Entoni Novosel – 155 votes “Crazy view on this amazing waterspout outbreak near Istrian coast (Croatia) in June 2013” by Entoni Novosel. 3. place: Stavros Kesedakis – 151 votes “Escape / Wray / Colorado – May 7th 2016, an EF2 dusty tornado wanders around as storm chasers escape from its path” by Stavros Kesedakis. 4. place: Justyna Mariusz Nawroccy – 126 votes “Wet-micro burst – Poland 2016” by Justyna Mariusz Nawroccy. 5. place: Sandro Puncet – 101 votes “Wall cloud with lightning. 5.9.2016. Island Losinj. Croatia”
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Koledar selekcija

13. September 2017 - 14:24
LETO 2017 ŠT.1 1. place – WINNER: Ivan Stulić – 138 votes – Week 10, 2017 “Nin/Privlaka – Sabunike 27.07.2016” by Ivan Stulić. ŠT.2 1. place – WINNER: Marko Korošec – 126 votes – Week 9, 2017 “Lightning strike over the Trieste gulf, Italy. Sept 5th, 2016” by Marko Korošec. ŠT.3 1. place – WINNER: Rick Bekker – 99 votes – Week 7-8, 2017 “Early morning shelfcloud from a storm that once was a supercell. Moving through the North Sea waters when it slowely becomes linear. This storm gives us some epic structures at 05:30 in the morning over the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage called Kinderdijk.” by Rick Bekker. ŠT.4 1. place – WINNER: Ryan Crouse – 43 votes –
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Intense rainfall in the Alps of NW Italy, SE France and S Switzerland – August 8, 2017

8. August 2017 - 11:31
Intense rainfall is expected over the western Alps in northwestern Italy, southeastern France and southern Switzerland today. Rainfall totals will locally exceed 100 mm / 24h. There will be a significant risk for locally intense flash flooding. A very strong mid-level southwesterly jetstream is present ahead of the advancing trough, currently located over France. Strong upslope flow, orographic lift and synoptic scale lift over the left exit region of the jetstreak will provide a favourable environment for formation of training cells. Various high-resolution models indicate widespread totals of 40-100 mm / 24h, while locally totals may exceed 150 mm / 24 h. Expect enhanced threat of (locally intense) flash flooding. In addition, these thunderstorms will also pose a threat for
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Adriatic sea temperature peaking: 28-30 °C

6. August 2017 - 6:58
The temperature of the Adriatic sea is peaking today, ahead of the Tramontana and Bora/Bura winds expected late today and tomorrow. Much of the sea is now at 28-30 °C. In particular, the warmest areas are in the northern Adriatic, around the Venice lagoon and the coasts of Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli, the Slovenian coast and northern Istra (Croatia). Sea surface temperature in the Adriatic sea forecast for Sunday, August 6. Map: Adriatic Forecasting System. Sea surface temperature anomaly in the Adriatic sea forecast for Sunday, August 6. Map: Adriatic Forecasting System. Slightly less warm waters, with temperatures mostly between 26 and 28 °C are present in the Kvarner region in Croatia and in the southern Adriatic along the coast
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Severe Tramontana winds over the northern Adriatic region later today – August 6, 2017

6. August 2017 - 6:01
Severe Tramontana winds are expected later today across the northern Adriatic region with the cold front passage. Most models agree on a strong push of Tramontana winds across the Friuli and Veneto plains in Italy into the northern Adriatic. Peak wind gusts may reach 100-135 km/h! There is significant damage potential with this event. Affected areas will also include the eastern coast of the Adriatic in Italy (Trieste gulf), Slovenia and Croatia (Istra) and the western coast of the Adriatic (eastern Emilia Romagna). The timing of the event will be in the late afternoon. All holidaymakers in the northern Adriatic need to be aware of this event, as the Tramontana wind will have significant damage potential – precautions to avoid
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Extremely warm Adriatic sea – an update

4. August 2017 - 23:32
The Adriatic sea has further warmed over the past several days under the extreme heat wave that is affecting the entire N-CNTRL Mediterranean region. 7-day sea surface temperature average over the northern Adriatic: very high temperatures in the 28-30 °C range over the past week. Note the 30+ °C average in the Venice Lagoon, along the coast of eastern Veneto and around the Po delta. Note, however, that temperatures have also peaked at 29-30 °C in the NE corner (Gulf of Trieste) over the past few days! Map: Consorzio LaMMA. Zarja buoy data (Gulf of Trieste): water temperature at 2 m depth (!) reached 29.5 °C today (August 4). Data: Slovenian Environmental Agency (ARSO). Temperatures along the northern coast (Friuli,
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Severe storms and excessive rainfall over the Alpine region on Sunday, Aug 6th 2017

4. August 2017 - 19:42
While south, central and eastern Europe is still in a significant record-breaking heat wave and ridging pattern, models are in good agreement of gradually weakening ridging over the weekend with a pattern collapse next week, meaning cooler temps will return. Indeed after such an intense heat wave and extremely too warm sea temperatures, available moisture for severe storms is high. Latest model simulations are revealing a short-wave trough penetrating into northern edge of the ridge, crossing the Alps on Sunday afternoon and evening hours. An associated surface cold front will rapidly move across the Alps, N Italy into NW Balkan peninsula. Upper ridge will become more elongated from SW Europe across Mediterranean into Balkan peninsula where very hot temperatures will
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Peak of heat wave & likely record breaking heat today – Friday, August 4th, 2017

4. August 2017 - 11:56
Follow up on the current intense heat wave which is expected to peak today, especially across the Mediterranean, parts of central Europe and the Balkan peninsula. Yet another extremely hot day is expected as temperatures will easily climb into low 40s range during peak time hours locally this afternoon. Generally, airmass is about 1°C warmer in the lowest levels which will allow many areas to approach 40°C treshold as well as push temps locally into new record values. Yesterday was a very hot day almost on the same areas as previous days, peak afternoon temperatures reached up to 42 °C in SE France and up to 43 °C in central Italy, Spain and W Balkan peninsula. Some all-time records have
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South Bavaria supercell – August 3, 2017

4. August 2017 - 2:00
An impressively structured supercell formed over southern Bavaria (southern Germany) in the afternoon of August 3 – and was chased by a number of storm chasers. Radar tracks reveal storm initiation east of Villingen-Schwennigen, storm split north of Sigmaringen and the development of a distinct right mover supercell, which moved towards and past Augsburg. Chasers were treated to supercell with a well-developed isolated striated mesocyclone with a large wall cloud. The supercell is also reported to have produced hail up to 6 vm in diameter. Photo: Sturmjagd Unterfranken. Photo: Unwetterjäger
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Very warm Mediterranean sea – and what that means for severe weather in the autumn

3. August 2017 - 17:22
We take a short look at the weather patterns across the Mediterranean in the autumn that produce severe weather and how high sea surface temperatures may affect them. There are several weather patterns that generate particularly severe thunderstorms across the Mediterranean, particularly the N-CNTRL part. As summer progresses into autumn increasingly deep troughs enter the Mediterranean region, producing severe weather setups. Major flooding – particularly along the Ligurian coast (NW Italy) and north Adriatic region (NE Italy, W Slovenia, NW Croatia) Increasingly deep troughs over the northern Mediterranean with secondary cyclogenesis frequently establish slow moving strong surface wind convergences over the Ligurian sea. Lifting along the convergence and strong jetstream aloft produce long convective lines of training thunderstorms, that produce
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Follow up on the heat wave – Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

3. August 2017 - 14:10
Follow up on the current intense heat wave across the Mediterranean, parts of central Europe and the Balkan peninsula. Today, another extremely hot day is expected as temperatures are locally already well above 35 °C and expected to rise into upper 30s and into low 40s range during peak time hours this afternoon. Max afternoon temperatures yesterday reached up to 40 °C in SE France, central Italy and S Spain again while extremely hot and near record-breaking values were observed along the eastern Adriatic coast with over 42 °C in the city of Split, Croatia! Here are some peak temperatures yesterday: Italy: 1 Frosinone (Italy) 42.2 °C 2 Guidonia (Italy) 42.0 °C 3 Amendola (Italy) 41.6 °C 4 Ferrara (Italy)
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Current sea temperatures in Greece – Ionian, Aegean, central Mediterranean sea

3. August 2017 - 11:25
Heading for holidays in Greece? Here is a review of current sea surface temperatures around the country. Generally very warm Ionian sea and central Mediterranean, slightly ‘cooler’ Aegean sea. Ionian sea, central Mediterranean – Corfu, Lefkada, Cephalonia, western coast of Greece The western coast of Greece, including the islands Corfu, Lefkada and Cephalonia is very warm, with sea surface temperatures in 28-30 °C range. Crete The northern coast of the island is slightly warmer with sea surface temperature 28-29 °C, while the southern coast is about 1 °C cooler, 27-29 °C. Slight SWE hint – do visit the Balos Lagoon if you like warm water! Aegean sea Is somewhat ‘cooler’ with sea surface temperature in 26-28 °C range. The eastern
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Extremely warm Adriatic sea – and getting (much!) warmer by the end of the week!

3. August 2017 - 10:04
The Adriatic sea is hit 29 °C in its northernmost part already on Tuesday, and will be getting even warmer by the end of the week. The 29 °C mark (at 2 m depth!) was reached at the Debeli Rtič (Zora) station on the Slovenian coast. The sea cooled down to 28 °C last night and is expected to surpass 29 °C today. Sea surface temperature in the Adriatic sea forecast for August 6. Map: Adriatic Forecasting System. Current Adriatic sea surface temperatures indicate surface temperatures in 27-29 °C range across most of the northern Adriatic, 28-30 °C in the western Adriatic along the coast of central Italy, and somewhat cooler 24-26 °C in the southern Adriatic and locally in
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