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Meteor photography 101

21. Oktoober 2017 - 21:41
Photographing meteors – like the Orionids, active right now – is loads of fun and with a bit of luck, you can catch a big, bright one! Here is how you do it. Equipment: A camera with the option of making long exposures. Any interchangeable lens camera (DSLR or mirrorless) will have the option, many compact cameras and some phone cameras also have the option. A remote trigger for the camera (or timer). A tripod. A meteor shower. The stronger, the better. How to do it – camera settings The best time to photograph meteors is during maxima of major meteor showers, such as the Quadrantids, Perseids and Geminids. Moderately strong meteor showers, such as the Lyrids, Southern Delta Aquarids,
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Windstorm Brian hits Ireland & the UK – update

21. Oktoober 2017 - 11:03
Cyclone Brian has reached Ireland and the United Kingdom: peak winds up to 110-130 km/h are being reported. Details below. Current situation Brian’s center is currently located over central Ireland, at central pressure of 976 mbar, significantly up from yesterday’s values below 970 mbar. Peak reported winds are in 110-130 km/h range: Bouee 62107 (SW of Cornwall, UK) – 126 km/h, Sherkin Island (Ireland) – 112 km/h, Shannon Airport (Ireland) – 101 km/h, Mumbles (UK) – 108 km/h, Pembrey Sands UK) – 104 km/h. Winds are currently peaking at 80-90 km/h in western Wales, Cornwall, parts of Devon and most of Ireland. Storm Brian centered over Ireland, current mean sea level pressure is 976 mbar. Maps: Peak wind gusts
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The Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend!

20. Oktoober 2017 - 13:51
Meteor showers are great fun! The Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend. Here are some tips on how to see it best! Orionids are bits and pieces of the well-know comet Halley. As the comet rounds the Sun every 76 years, it releases a stream of small dust particles in its path. The Earth ploughs through the stream every year around October 20-23. The Earth and particles collide at 67 km/s and the particles burn up high in the atmosphere, producing bright streaks of light – meteors. The dust particles (called meteoroids) travel on parallel paths, but due to the same geometric effect that makes it look like two railway tracks merge in the distance, all Orionids will seem to
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Update on approaching storm Brian: windy weather ahead for Ireland and parts of UK

20. Oktoober 2017 - 10:39
Update on approaching Cyclone Brian. Cyclone ‘Brian’ is still far from land over the Atlantic ocean west of Ireland and it has now deepened to 965 mbar. Winds are likely gusting at up to 150-160 km/h. The system is approaching Ireland and will begin affecting it by early evening. However, as the system will likely be gradually weakening, the peak gusts tonight will probably reach ‘only’ up to 100 km/h (in S Ireland) and peak tomorrow morning at 110-120 km/h. Windy weather ahead for Ireland and the UK, some damage potential. ARPEGE model guidance for peak wind gusts today and tomorrow. Maps: High resolution HIRLAM model guidance for peak wind gusts across Ireland and SW UK. Maps: A
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Windstorm Brian to affect Ireland and parts of UK with storm force winds

19. Oktoober 2017 - 22:12
The system is still on track to affect Ireland and parts of the United Kingdom late tomorrow and on Sunday. Current model guidance suggest peak winds of 110-130 km/h in southern Ireland and lesser winds elsewhere. Currently the system is deepening over the central northern Atlantic, having dropped by 9 mbar in the past 6 hour (bombogenesis!) to current central mean sea level pressure of 979 mbar. The system is tracking ENE towards Ireland. Morphology of the storm in satellite imagery indicates a possible sting jet forming, although satellite imagery along is insufficient to ascertain its presence or absence. Recall that cyclone Ophelia likely developed a sting jet just before landfall, causing 191 km/h peak wind gusts just off the
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Major rainfall in extreme northeastern Spain and southern France today – local flooding likely

19. Oktoober 2017 - 13:37
Up to 100 mm of rainfall, locally more, is indicated by high-res models for extreme NE Spain and S France by early tomorrow morning. Expect local flooding. Follow ongoing storms on radar: Spain France A cutoff cold core upper low is forming over the Iberian peninsula, with thunderstorms ongoing along the cold front in the eastern part of the peninsula and extreme western Mediterranean. Favourable south-north storm motion in extreme northeastern Spain and southern France will result in accumulation of rainfall from successive storms, locally up to 100 mm or more. Expect local flooding. Moderate instability with up to about 1000 J/kg MLCAPE overlaps favourable with strong 30-50 kt deep-layer shear. Moderately favourable vertical veering wind profiles provide up to
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Windy day ahead for extreme southwestern UK, the English Channel and northwestern France

19. Oktoober 2017 - 12:23
A windy day is ahead for extreme southwestern UK, the English Channel and northwestern France, with gale force winds gusting up to 90-110 km/h. Another, stronger windstorm is coming tomorrow! A small cyclone rapidly forms from a short wave trough over the Atlantic and deepens south of Ireland, moving eastwards into the English Channel. Expect gale force winds, gusting up to 90-110 km/h in southern Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire and West Sussex as well as the Isle of Wight. Expect similarly strong gusts in extreme north of Brittany and Normandy, France. Expect choppy seas south of Ireland and into the English Channel. Pressure map for late this morning.Maps: Strongest wind gusts in late afternoon today. Maps: Strongest wind gusts
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September 2017: Earth’s 4th Warmest September on Record!

19. Oktoober 2017 - 10:29
September 2017 was the planet’s fourth warmest September since record keeping began in 1880, said NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) and NASA this week. The only warmer Septembers came during 2015, 2016, and 2014. At the same time, European continent was realtively cool in September with near or even coolder than long-term average monthly temperature, however.
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Mild weather in W Europe, cold in Scandinavia, ridge weakening – Oct 19th, 2017

19. Oktoober 2017 - 10:09
Good morning Europe! A look across our continent this morning revealing an interesting temperatures affected by various features of interest; warm/mild conditions across western Europe as large ccyclone sits over N Atlantic and resulting in southerlies from SW to W Europe, locally near 15°C in S parts of British Isles. Cold in Scandinavia under the strenghtening ridge / high pressure system and deep cyclone over Russia – morning temps were even below -5°C in central Sweden and Norway. In between, a gradually weakening ridge across the rest of Europe is resulting in cool morning with locally near zero °C lowest temperatures. Cooler temperatures also across W Spain in the wake of an upper low moving across the Iberian peninsula; an
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New windstorm heading for Ireland and UK on Friday and Saturday

18. Oktoober 2017 - 21:44
Models are still on track for a significant windstorm over Ireland and the United Kingdom on Friday and Saturday. GFS model guidance for mean sea level pressure and peak wind gusts late Friday/early Saturday. Map: Both GFS and ECMWF are still in good agreement for the arrival of a deep cyclone towards Ireland and UK. While the exact track and intensity is still fairly uncertain so far ahead, both models indicate a deep cyclone with central mean sea level pressure down to 960 – 975 mbar. Current GFS model guidance indicates a very deep cyclone with central pressure approaching 960 mbar or even below that mark, and peak wind gusts of 120-130 km/h around landfall. Map: Current ECMWF
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Finally some much needed rainfall for part of Iberia today, Oct 18th

18. Oktoober 2017 - 10:19
Models are in agreement for some good amount of rain across Portugal and especially Spain today as a rather large upper low crosses the Iberian peninsula from W to E into western Mediterranean. Locally 50-80mm will be possible through the next 24 hours, more likely across S and NE Spain. In moderate shear and instability, some severe weather will also be possible where storms will be capable of producing strong winds, torrential rainfall and marginally large hail. Follow up the evolution through our website sub-pages: Radar imagery Spain Radar imagery Portugal Satellity imagery
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VIDEO GALLERY: Post-tropical storm Ophelia raging across Ireland (15 videos)

18. Oktoober 2017 - 0:35
Looking at various video reports on Ophelia raging along the coast and inland Ireland on Monday: the windstorm packed winds gusting up to 191 km/h, resulting in damage and coastal flooding.
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Will it be smoky tomorrow morning where you live? Smoke from Iberian fires shifts eastward

17. Oktoober 2017 - 21:28
For two days, smoke from Iberian fires combined with Saharan dust to produce eerie skies over western and parts of central Europe. Tomorrow morning the smoke and dust will have shifted. Here is the forecast, be on the lookout for hazy skies tomorrow morning. Expect significant concentrations of smoke and Saharan dust over northwestern France, across southern Sweden, eastern Germany, northern and western Poland into northern Belarus. See maps below for a more detailed forecast of smoke and Saharan dust, including areas of lower concentrations. Smoke from Iberian fires (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service). Maximum concentrations expected over NW Iberian peninsula, NW France, extreme south of UK, north Poland, southern Latvia and northern Belarus. Suspended Saharan dust (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service).
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GALLERY: Smoke from wildfires in northern Spain, Portugal blocks out the Sun over UK and parts of France

17. Oktoober 2017 - 20:53
The skies over parts of United Kingdom and France turned eerie dark orange under a thick smoke that blocked out the Sun. The scene prompted propmpted science fiction references, including Blade Runner and Star Wars. What everyone was seeing was thick smoke from fires raging over northern Spain and Portugal, blown across the Bay of Biscay into UK and France by favourable winds. Some of the most impressive views: Smoke and deep orange sunset over Stansted airport. Photo: Marco Terrosi. London. Photo: TheFootballGram_‏ @TheFootballGram. London. Photo: @bicknaker TW. London. Photo: Kevin‏ @TencetB TW. London. Photo: Oliver Sadie‏ @OliverSadie TW. London. Photo: Matthew Claaargghk‏. London. Photo: Filosofizer‏ @Filosofizer TW. Dim orange skies over Caen, NW France. 5 pm, Oct 16. Photo:
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A new intense windstorm possible for UK and Ireland later this week – GFS and ECMWF models in good agreement on new tropical development

17. Oktoober 2017 - 16:01
GFS and ECMWF model guidance are currently in good agreement on the new tropical depression that may affect the British Isles and Ireland. Invest 92L, as the depression is currently designated, may strengthen into a strong storm to hurricane force cyclone as it crosses the Atlantic and approaches Ireland and UK. GFS model guidance for mean sea level pressure and peak wind gusts late Friday/early Saturday. Map: At this time, GFS model guidance indicates a very deep cyclone with central pressure approaching 960 mbar and peak wind gusts of 120-130 km/h around potential landfall. ECMWF indicates an only slightly weaker system at 970 mbar central pressure. Comparison between GFS and ECMWF model guidance in mean sea level pressure. Maps:
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BeNeLux, north Germany, parts of Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Baltic states under thick smoke from fires in north Spain and Portugal today

17. Oktoober 2017 - 14:04
Residents of northern Germany, Benelux, southern Scandinavia and as far as the Baltic states awoke to a hazy sky this morning, with the Sun glowing a subdued reddish orange. What everyone in the region is seeing is the thick smoke from massive fires in northern Spain and Portugal, which nearly blocked out the Sun in western France and the United Kingdom yesterday. The northeasterly flow pushed the smoke over northern central Europe by this morning. Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service biomass aerosol optical depth at 550 mm forecast for this morning, indicating the extent of smoke from fires in the Iberian peninsula. Satellite imagery clearly shows the smoke persisting over northern France, BeNeLux and northern Germany as well as most of
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New tropical development may produce a new intense windstorm for UK and Ireland later this week

17. Oktoober 2017 - 8:11
Interestingly, latest GFS model guidance indicates development of a new tropical depression that may affect the British Isles and Ireland. The system, designated Invest 92L is currently located east of the Bahamas and will track ENE-wards towards across the Atlantic in the next 72-96 hours. Current model guidance suggests the system could produce strong storm to hurricane winds in the vicinity of Ireland towards the end of the week. While it is too early for detailed forecasts and future model runs may change significantly, the system definitely warrants monitoring. We will be providing further updates.
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Ophelia affecting central and northern UK, moving northeast; update and recap of today’s events (19:20 UTC)

16. Oktoober 2017 - 22:43
Cyclone Ophelia is moving northeastward, affecting parts of the UK and Ireland with storm force winds. It is gradually weakening. Peak winds of post-tropical cyclone Ophelia have now shifted over the northern and central part of the British Isles, peak gusts of up to 145 km/h reported in Scotland, 136 km/h in Wales. Current peak wind gusts across the British Isles and Ireland. Map: Short recap of Ophelia’s landfall Hurricane Ophelia transitioned into a post-tropical cyclone late yesterday / early today, heading for landfall in SW Ireland in the early afternoon. A sting jet likely developed just before landfall, with peak wind gusts reavh 191 km/h in Ireland’s southernmost point, Fastnet Rock. Satellite analysis of post-tropical storm Ophelia rapidly
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Sun in parts of UK and France blocked out the smoke from wildfires in Spain and Portugal

16. Oktoober 2017 - 20:23
People in much of UK and western France woke up this morning to an eerie sight: the sky covered in thick orange and brownish smoke, with the Sun nearly or completely obscured. some compared it even to a Solar eclipse! Smoke plume being advected NNE-wards ahead of the post-tropical cyclone Ophelia early afternoon today, October 16. Image: NASA Terra / MODIS. Parts of Spain and Portugal are experiencing extreme fires, caused by a combination of a dry spring and summer and likely arson. The thick smoke was advected by southerly winds into the Bay of Biscay, northwestern France (Brittany) and across the United Kingdom. Residents of this area awoke to a dark orange and brown sky, with the Sun either
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Numerous major wildfires hit Portugal and Spain

16. Oktoober 2017 - 18:39
Numerous wildfires are currently raging in Portugal and NW Spain. There are approximately 440 ongoing fires in Portugal, 26 of them major, being fought by over 3700 firefighters. There are over 130 ongoing fires in Spain, at least 15 in Galicia alone. The fires in Galicia may merge into a single large fire, warns regional government president Alberto Nunez Feijoo. Fatalities have been reported in both countries. The fires are fueled by very dry vegetation, result of a very dry spring and summer and strong winds, gusting at up to 90 km/h locally. Arson is likely playing a significant role too. We have received numerous reports from our readers, which we post below. We welcome further reports on this very
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