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New theory rewrites opening moments of Chernobyl disaster

17. November 2017 - 15:51
A brand-new theory of the opening moments during the Chernobyl disaster, the most severe nuclear accident in history, based on additional analysis.
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Shape of Lake Ontario generates white-out blizzards, study shows

16. November 2017 - 0:53
A 6-foot-wide snow blower mounted on a tractor makes a lot of sense when you live on the Tug Hill Plateau. Tug Hill, in upstate New York, is one of the snowiest places in the Eastern US and experiences some of the most intense snowstorms in the world. This largely rural region, just east of Lake Ontario, gets an average of 20 feet of snow a year, and a new report explains why.
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Off track: How storms will veer in a warmer world

15. November 2017 - 19:49
The dry, semi-arid regions are expanding into higher latitudes, and temperate, rainy regions are migrating poleward. In a new paper, researchers provide new insight into this phenomenon by discovering that mid-latitude storms are steered further toward the poles in a warmer climate.
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Study of impact of climate change on temperatures suggests more deaths unless action taken

14. November 2017 - 2:50
The largest study to date of the potential temperature-related health impacts of climate change has shown that as global temperatures rise, the surge in death rates during hot weather outweighs any decrease in deaths in cold weather, with many regions facing sharp net increases in mortality rates.
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Texas' odds of Harvey-scale rainfall to increase by end of century

13. November 2017 - 22:38
Texas' risk of Harvey-scale rainfall will increase by the end of this century, new research concludes. By 2100, the annual probability of Hurricane Harvey's record rainfall returning to Texas will rise to 18 percent, if the growth of greenhouse gas emissions continues unmitigated.
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Improving climate observations offers major return on investment

8. November 2017 - 16:24
A well-designed climate observing system could help scientists answer knotty questions about climate while delivering trillions of dollars in benefits by providing decision makers information they need to protect public health and the economy in the coming decades.
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Animation meets biology: Shedding new light on animal behavior

6. November 2017 - 16:10
Many animals rely on movement to find prey and avoid predators. Movement is also an essential component of the territorial displays of lizards, comprising tail, limb, head and whole-body movements.
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Warm air helped make 2017 ozone hole smallest since 1988

2. November 2017 - 18:10
Measurements from satellites this year showed the hole in Earth's ozone layer that forms over Antarctica each September was the smallest observed since 1988, scientists have announced.
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Improving public safety in face of extreme weather and disasters

1. November 2017 - 19:03
Our ability to observe and predict severe weather events and other disasters has improved markedly over recent decades, yet this progress does not always translate into similar advances in the systems used in such circumstances to protect lives. A more cohesive alert and warning system that integrates public and private communications mechanisms and adopts new technologies quickly is needed to deliver critical information during emergency situations.
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Dinosaur-killing asteroid impact cooled Earth's climate more than previously thought

31. Oktoober 2017 - 17:14
The Chicxulub asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs likely released far more climate-altering sulfur gas into the atmosphere than originally thought, according to new research.
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Greenhouse gas concentrations surge to new record

30. Oktoober 2017 - 20:19
Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surged at a record-breaking speed in 2016 to the highest level in 800,000 years, according to a new report. The abrupt changes in the atmosphere witnessed in the past 70 years are without precedent.
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Researchers introduce new method for monitoring indian summer monsoon

24. Oktoober 2017 - 21:40
Researchers have created a tool for objectively defining the onset and demise of the Indian Summer Monsoon — a colossal weather system that affects billions of people annually.
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US ocean observation critical to understanding climate change, but lacks long-term national planning

20. Oktoober 2017 - 19:57
Ocean observing systems are important as they provide information essential for monitoring and forecasting changes in Earth's climate on timescales ranging from days to centuries. A new report finds that continuity of ocean observations is vital to gain an accurate understanding of the climate, and calls for a decadal, national plan that is adequately resourced and implemented to ensure critical ocean information is available to understand and predict future changes.
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Three-quarters of the total insect population lost in protected nature reserves

19. Oktoober 2017 - 19:18
Since 1989, in 63 nature reserves in Germany the total biomass of flying insects has decreased by more than 75 percent. This decrease has long been suspected but has turned out to be more severe than previously thought.
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When lemons give you life: Herpetofauna adaptation to citrus orchards in Belize

16. Oktoober 2017 - 17:28
Reptile and amphibian communities exhibit a promising level of resilience to agricultural lands. In a new study, herpetologists compared forested areas to manicured citrus orchards and reclaimed orchard forests in Belize. Further intriguing discoveries were made when the Category 1 Hurricane Earl hit the study site.
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Combination of El Niño and 2016 Ecuador earthquake likely worsened Zika outbreak

13. Oktoober 2017 - 3:02
A Zika virus outbreak in coastal Ecuador in 2016 was likely worsened by a strong El Niño and a magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck the region in April, according to a new study.
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Rainfall trends in arid regions buck commonly held climate change theories

12. Oktoober 2017 - 19:30
To explore the links between climatic warming and rainfall in drylands, scientists analysed more than 50 years of detailed rainfall data (measured every minute) from a semi-arid drainage basin in south east Arizona exhibiting an upward trend in temperatures during that period.
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Geologic evidence is the forerunner of ominous prospects for a warming earth

12. Oktoober 2017 - 18:48
While strong seasonal hurricanes have devastated many of the Caribbean and Bahamian islands this year, geologic studies on several of these islands illustrate that more extreme conditions existed in the past. A new analysis shows that the limestone islands of the Bahamas and Bermuda experienced climate changes that were even more extreme than historical events.
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Study reveals need for better modeling of weather systems for climate prediction

12. Oktoober 2017 - 16:15
A team of researchers discovered persistent dry and warm biases in the central U.S. that was caused by poor modeling of atmospheric convective systems. Their findings call for better calculations with global climate models.
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Herbivores help protect ecosystems from climate change

12. Oktoober 2017 - 1:02
Plant-eating critters are the key ingredient to helping ecosystems survive global warming, finds new research that offers some hope for a defense strategy against climate change.
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